01.26.2023 - AchiEVe: Advocates Release New Model Policy Toolkit for Accelerating Vehicle Electrification


12.20.2022 - USPS Groundbreaking Victory in Efforts to Electrify Delivery Vehicle Fleets

10.24.2022 - Plug In America and Kia America join to amplify electric vehicle sales support for Northeast Kia dealers

07.05.2022 - Plugstar continues expansion with DoorDash, Kia, and Wells Fargo Partnerships

06.02.2022 - Plug In America Partners with DoorDash to Drive the Adoption of Electric Vehicles in the Bay Area

04.01.2022 - More than 180 events to highlight EVs during Drive Electric Earth Day

03.11.2022 - NADA Announces Dealership Electric Vehicle Education Program with the Center for Sustainable Energy and Plug In America

03.10.2022 - Plug In America applauds EPA for restoring states’ authority to set vehicle pollution standards

03.08.2022 - Second annual consumer survey finds EV consumers are very satisfied driving electric

02.10.2022 - Plug In America applauds the new national EV charging network

01.20.2022 - Avista, Plug In America partner with auto dealers on the benefits of electric vehicles


12.09.2021 - Plug In America applauds executive order electrifying the federal fleet

11.19.2021 - Plug In America applauds the House passage of the Build Back Better Act

11.10.2021 - Plug In America applauds COP26 declaration calling for zero-emission vehicles by 2040

11.09.2021 - Plug In America commends Congress for passing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and calls on it to now pass the Build Back Better Act

10.31.2021 - Electric vehicle driver associations from 28 countries call for all new cars to have a plug by 2030

10.20.2021 - EV Advocates, Manufacturers Convene at U.S. DOT to Showcase Future of American Mobility

10.18.2021 - Plug In America calls on Congress to invest in EVs

09.15.2021 - Communities Experience Electric Vehicles during 11th Annual National Drive Electric Week

09.14.2021 - Plug In America calls for electric vehicle tax incentives

09.09.2021 - Tempe Mayor Woods, Councilmember Kuby Join Advocates to Call for Bold Federal Investment in Clean Transportation and Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

08.06.2021 - Joint statement on behalf of EVHybridNoire, the Electrification Coalition, Forth, and Plug In America on Biden Administration’s Zero-Emissions Executive Order

08.06.2021 - Plug In America on Biden’s call for 50% ZEVs by 2030: We can do more

07.29.2021 - Plug In America supporters tell Congress to pass $174 billion in transportation electrification funding

07.28.2021 - Minnesota is the first state in the Midwest to adopt clean car standards

06.09.2021 - Global EV Drivers’ Alliance formed by 37 EV driver associations around the world

05.05.2021 - Thousands discover the benefits of electric vehicles during Drive Electric Earth Day

04.23.2021 - Plug In America applauds Biden-Harris administration in supporting state rights to limit vehicle pollution, adding boost to EVs

04.01.2021 - Plug In America applauds the White House’s down payment on the future of transportation

03.31.2021 - Electric vehicles take center stage during Drive Electric Earth Day

02.19.2021 - Virginia adopts crucial clean car standards

02.11.2021 - Plug In America consumer survey finds EV drivers are satisfied driving electric; room for improvement with public charging and dealer experience

02.09.2021 - Plug In America to release results of electric vehicle consumer survey on Thursday

02.02.2021 - Top 25 states supporting electric vehicle adoption ranked in new Plug In America report

01.21.2021 - Plug In America urges the Biden Administration to make history: Commit that 100% of new cars and trucks will have a plug by the end of this decade

01.06.2021 - Media Advisory: Utility EV education and outreach programs to be examined in webinar


12.17.2020 - Utility investment in education and outreach is necessary for widespread transportation electrification

12.11.2020 - 2020 Drive Electric Arizona Awards Honor Electric Vehicle Leadership

12.07.2020 - Media Advisory: Arizona Transportation Electrification Forum to highlight the adoption of clean electric vehicles across the state

11.10.2020 - Media Advisory: Webinar to Examine Post-Election Outlook on Electric Vehicle Policy in 2021

10.20.2020 - National Drive Electric Week Hosts Over 150 Online Events Highlighting Many Benefits of Electric Vehicles 

09.23.2020 - Plug In America applauds California Governor Gavin Newsom’s order for 100% zero-emission vehicles by 2035

09.22.2020 - National Drive Electric Week shifts online in its tenth year

09.21.2020 - Plug In America announces PlugStar consumer engagement and dealership EV sales certification program launch in Massachusetts

09.01.2020 - Plug In America announces 2020 Drive Electric Awards honorees

08.20.2020 - Advocates release Model Policy Toolkit showing all sectors have role to play in transportation electrification

06.22.2020 - Plug In America applauds Nevada for its commitment to clean cars

04.21.2020 - American Lung Association State of the Air report demonstrates need for clean electric vehicles

04.08.2020 - The Electric Car Will Not Be Killed, So Please Stop Saying That

03.31.2020 - Part two of EPA and NHTSA rule will cost consumers money, affect public health

03.12.2020 - Nevadans Will Breathe Easier with an Electrified Transportation System: Leading Decision Makers Commit to Transportation Electrification

02.18.2020 - Plug In America launches nationwide dealership training on selling electric cars


10.30.2019 - Drive Electric Arizona Awards honor organizations leading the electric vehicle transition

10.07.2019 - State & local leaders charge forward on progress during National Drive Electric Week

09.18.2019 - States should have the right to set own clean car standards

09.17.2019 - Plug In America and Sierra Club release AchiEVe model policy toolkit during National Drive Electric Week

09.04.2019 - Ninth annual National Drive Electric Week kicks off September 14-22

08.22.2019 - Plug In America announces winners of 2019 Drive Electric Awards

08.16.2019 - Plug In America applauds Colorado for adopting the zero-emissions vehicle mandate

07.26.2019 - Plug In America applauds automakers’ commitment to fuel efficiency

05.16.2019 - Plug In America endorses the Zero-Emission Vehicles Act of 2019

05.14.2019 - First annual Drive Electric Earth Day tallies 188 events

04.10.2019 - Plug In America endorses legislation to extend federal EV tax credit for more Americans

04.05.2019 - First Annual Drive Electric Earth Day Celebrates Electric Vehicles

03.05.2019 - Washington State Senate passes zero emission vehicles bill


12.04.2018 - Plug In America applauds release of national zero-emission vehicle mandate standard

11.28.2018 - First annual Drive Electric Earth Day to celebrate clean electric vehicles

10.04.2018 - Dozens of New Electric Vehicle Programs Launched During Largest Ever National Drive Electric Week

09.11.2018 - Plug In America applauds California Governor Brown’s carbon neutrality and clean electricity goals

08.31.2018 - National Drive Electric Week celebrates clean, safe, fun electric vehicles in 300 communities September 8–16

08.02.2018 - Enough is Enough: Plug In America to Defend Electric Vehicles and Join Suit Against Federal Government Over Backwards Proposal on Clean Car Standards

07.03.2018 - EV Driver Bill of Rights, introduced by Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi, marks steps toward energy independence

06.27.2018 - Plug In America and Senate Auto Caucus to Host Capitol Hill Electric Vehicle Ride and Drive

06.19.2018 - Plug In America and Sierra Club release the AchiEVe: Model State & Local Policies to Accelerate Electric Vehicle Adoption Toolkit

04.03.2018 - EPA Announcement on Revising the Clean Car Standard is a Huge Step Backwards for Clean Cars, New Technology

02.07.2018 - EV Drivers Push to Lift Cap on Electric Car Tax Credit

01.26.2018 - Statement from Plug In America’s Joel Levin on California’s Climate Investment Plan


11.09.2017 - Plug In America Signs on to Transportation Electrification Accord

09.22.2017 - National Drive Electric Week Reaches All 50 States With 276 Events

08.17.2017 - Nissan Press Release: Nissan readies next-generation LEAF…

07.24.2017 - Record Number of Cities To Take Part in 7th Annual National Drive Electric Week

06.26.2017 - MnDOT Begins Installing Electric Vehicle Charging Station Signs on Interstate 94

06.12.2017 - New Report Highlights Economic Benefits of Electric Vehicles for Georgia

05.11.2017 - Electric Cars Are Here and U.S. Senators Are Excited

03.16.2017 - Trump Administration Backs Away from Clean Cars, New Technology and Fuel Savings

01.09.2017 - Joel Levin Statement on Best Month Ever for Electric Car Sales


12.16.2016 - Plug In America Announces Three New Board Members

12.08.2016 - Consumer Group Praises California’s Bold Proposal to Shift to Electric Cars

11.22.2016 - Plug In America Awarded $500,000 from U.S. Department of Energy to Advance Electric Vehicle Usage in New England

11.14.2016 - Plug In America Releases Report to Help Utilities Evaluate Programs to Encourage Plug-In Electric Vehicle Adoption

10.27.2016 - Plug In America Applauds Governor’s Comprehensive 2016 ZEV Action Plan

09.26.2016 - Record Number of Cities Celebrate Sixth Annual National Drive Electric Week

09.01.2016 - Electric Car Sales to Surpass a Half Million Vehicles

08.23.2016 - Plug In America Announces New Website Launch

08.23.2016 - Plug In America Hires Katherine Stainken as Policy Director

06.15.2016 - Sixth Annual National Drive Electric Week: September 10-18, 2016

03.07.2016 - Utility Proposal to Install Up to 265 EV Charging Stations in Eastern Washington


09.29.2015 - National Drive Electric Week 2015 Breaks Attendance Record for 2nd Consecutive Year

09.02.2015 - Record No. of Cities for National Drive Electric Week

08.18.2015 - Just in Time for National Drive Electric Week: A Cross-Country Trip to Raise Awareness of Plug-In Vehicles

08.18.2015 - Cross Country in an EV–Planting Trees Along the Way

07.31.2015 - Oil Field Worker Organizes the First National Drive Electric Week Event in ‘The Heart of Oil Country’

07.31.2015 - Oil Field Worker Organizes for National Drive Electric Week

07.29.2015 - Plug In America Names Executive Director

06.11.2015 - EV Sales Leader Nissan Extends Sponsorship of National Drive Electric Week through 2017

05.04.2015 - Plug In America Announces Nation’s First Analysis of Electric Vehicle Promotional Efforts in the U.S.

01.21.2015 - National Drive Electric Week 2015–Dates Set


09.24.2014 - National Drive Electric Week 2014 Attendance Increases by More than 150 Percent Over Previous Year

09.20.2014 - New Guinness World Record for Number of EVs in a Parade Set Today During National Drive Electric Week in Cupertino

08.26.2014 - Record Number of Cities Observe 4th Annual National Drive Electric Week

06.24.2014 - This is bigger than Harley’s Electric Motorcycle

05.05.2014 - Save the Date: National Drive Electric Week


07.13.2013 - Plug In America Research Shows That Tesla Roadster Battery Performance Bests Tesla Motors’ Own Projections

07.09.2013 - The Winner is…Alabama

05.17.2013 - Plug In America Marks sale of 100,000 Plug-In Vehicles: #PIA100K