Electric Cars Are Here and U.S. Senators Are Excited

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Date: May 11, 2017
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Capitol Hill Electric Vehicle Ride & Drive Event Turns Out Unprecedented Senate Interest

Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) test drove a happy staffer in the back of a Chevrolet Bolt at the PIA Ride and Drive, May 4, 2017, Washington, DC

WASHINGTON — What issue can get a positive reaction from almost all 100 Senate offices? Last week Electric vehicles (EVs) arrived in full force on Capitol Hill at the biggest electric vehicle test drive event in DC to date. U.S. Senators and staff had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the latest EVs, and learn about the EV activity in their state. The event, hosted jointly by the Senate Auto Caucus, Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) and Plug In America, saw Senators Portman, Whitehouse (D-RI), Heller (R-NV), and Merkley (D-OR) attend the event, with interest from almost all Senate offices.

“People used to think of electric vehicles as concept or hobby cars, but this was an important opportunity for our lawmakers to understand there is growing consumer adoption of these vehicles from coast to coast, in red states and blue states,” said Katherine Stainken, Plug In America’s policy director. “Senators and staff are very busy people, so today’s level of interest and enthusiasm is a fantastic testament to the trade, job and infrastructure opportunities that electric vehicles provide. We look forward to making this an annual event—the future is electric.”

More than 30 different makes and models of these cars are now available from all major automakers, (GM, Ford, BMW, Audi, VW, KIA, Nissan, Tesla, Daimler/Chrysler, Toyota, etc.) with nearly 600,000 cars now on the road in the U.S.

Plug In America advocates for supportive policies and programs for EVs at the state and federal level, including the Section 30D federal tax credit on plug-in electric vehicles, and the Section 30C alternative fuel vehicle refueling property credit. Additional supportive policies and programs include purchase incentives for the vehicles, access to HOV lanes, charging station incentives, utility programs and charging rates, and registration and licensing policies.

About Plug In America
Plug In America is the nation’s leading independent consumer voice for accelerating the use of plug-in electric vehicles in the United States. Formed as a non-profit in 2008, Plug In America provides practical, objective information collected from our coalition of plug-in vehicle drivers, through public outreach and education, policy work and a range of technical advisory services. Our expertise represents the world’s deepest pool of experience of driving and living with plug-in vehicles. The organization conceived National Drive Electric Week and has advanced workplace charging by pioneering ride-and-drive events at such leading corporations as Google, Mattel and Paramount Pictures. We drive electric. You can too. www.pluginamerica.org


Ed. Note: High resolution images available upon request. Contact MK Campbell, mkcampbell@pluginamerica.org
Read Katherine Stainken’s blog post on the event here.

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