Plug In America is a leader in working to help shape EV policy.

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  • Supporters (successfully) emailed over 50,000 letters to U.S. Congressional members urging that a tax credit for EV purchases be included in the stimulus package.


  • Plug In America helped obtain HOV lane status for plug-in hybrid vehicles in CA and an extension for all-electric vehicles until 2015.


  • Action Alerts
    • Plug In America stopped a bill in the CA legislature that would have slowed the adoption of EVs in California. The bill removed limitations on HOV (carpool) lane access for plug-in hybrids (PHEV, green decal), but allowed HOV lane access for even cleaner battery-electric vehicles (BEV, white decal) to sunset on January 1, 2019. This would have been counterproductive as BEVs are a key to achieving California’s climate goals. The bill also could have prevented PHEV buyers from obtaining a green decal unless they met certain income requirements. Regardless of the intent, this would have slowed PHEV sales and also threatened the state’s climate goals.
    • Support for the ZEV Program
  • Comments
    • Plug In America Comments to the California ARB on the 2030 Scoping Plans
    • Plug In America Comments to the California Strategic Growth Council on the Transformative Climate Communities Program
    • Plug In America Comments to the California ARB on the ZEV Program
      plus many, many more.


  • Plug In America Comments to the FHWA on allowing Charging Infrastructure at Rest Stops Comments on VW Funding for Appendix C and D of the Consent Decree

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