Plug In America Partners with DoorDash to Drive the Adoption of Electric Vehicles in the Bay Area


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Plug In America Partners with DoorDash to Drive the Adoption of Electric Vehicles in the Bay Area

LOS ANGELES (June 2, 2022)—Plug In America (PIA) is expanding the reach of its PlugStar program by partnering with DoorDash to increase the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) among delivery drivers in the California Bay Area. Through this pilot program, PIA will engage, educate, and support EV dealerships and DoorDash drivers—also known as Dashers—with a comprehensive EV training and incentive program known as PlugStar.

“Through this partnership, DoorDash drivers will learn the basics of EV ownership,” said Joel Levin, Executive Director of Plug In America. “This includes where to find a vehicle that best suits them, the perks and benefits of owning an EV, how to charge at home and on the go, incentives and programs that apply to them, as well as the efficacy of EVs for on-demand service drivers in the Bay Area. It’s an exciting time to drive, buy, and sell EVs.”

“As part of our ongoing work to avoid, reduce, and remove emissions from delivery, we’re excited to partner with Plug In America to support the adoption of clean transportation among Bay Area Dashers,” said Zanique Albert, Head of Sustainability at DoorDash. “This partnership is one way we are providing Dashers with the resources they need to transition to electric vehicles.”

The pilot program will include two types of activities to grow DoorDash driver awareness of EVs: (1) in-person and online events for DoorDash drivers where they can test drive the latest EVs and learn more about their many benefits, and (2) PlugStar support and training program for EV dealers in the Bay Area. PlugStar is an integrated consumer and dealer engagement program that combines EV training, certification, marketing, online tools, and sales support and simplifies how dealers and consumers understand electricity as a fuel.

“We are so pleased that DoorDash is a leader among delivery services in encouraging the shift to electric vehicles,” said Levin. “Our PlugStar program has a proven track record of easing the transition to EVs, not only for personal vehicles but also for delivery and rideshare services. We hope that other services will follow DoorDash’s lead so we can work together to reduce the number of gas-powered vehicles creating air pollution in our communities.”

PIA offers some of the world’s deepest experience in understanding and improving the EV customer experience. Through, PIA provides practical, objective information to help consumers select the best plug-in vehicle for their lifestyles and needs. Approximately one in four EV buyers in PIA’s San Diego and Sacramento programs attribute their EV purchase to


About DoorDash
DoorDash (NYSE: DASH) is a technology company that connects consumers with their favorite businesses across the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Germany. Founded in 2013, DoorDash enables local businesses to address consumers’ expectations of ease and immediacy and thrive in today’s convenience economy. By building the logistics infrastructure for local commerce, DoorDash is bringing communities closer, one doorstep at a time.

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Plug In America is the nation’s leading independent consumer voice for accelerating the use of plug-in electric vehicles in the United States. Formed as a non-profit in 2008, Plug In America provides practical, objective information collected from our coalition of plug-in vehicle drivers, through public outreach and education, policy work and a range of technical advisory services. Our expertise represents the world’s deepest pool of experience of driving and living with plug-in vehicles. We drive electric. You can too.

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