Plug In America Launches On-demand Version of Its PlugStar™ EV Training for Auto Dealers

The electric vehicle nonprofit powerhouse is expanding its PlugStar educational offering and certification program to arm dealers with the knowledge and support they need to deliver a better buying experience for consumers. The organization is offering 20 percent off for a limited time.

Plug In America, a national nonprofit accelerating the shift to electric vehicles (EVs), today debuted its on-demand training for automotive dealers through its PlugStar program.

“Learning about electric vehicles and the EV landscape from a trusted, knowledgeable source is now easier than ever for car dealers and sales staff,” said Joel Levin, executive director for Plug In America. “Our PlugStar program is more than an online course. Dealers receive ongoing support that builds on the vehicle-specific training they already receive from auto manufacturers. Plus, they get national certification and a direct connection to consumers actively looking at EVs.”

The on-demand training is a shortened, online adaptation of Plug In America’s proven in-person training. PlugStar-trained sales staff sell four times more electric vehicles than their untrained counterparts and are 60 percent more confident discussing EVs after going through the course. This not only benefits sales staff but also enhances the experience for consumers who interact with well-informed representatives.

Plug In America created PlugStar five years ago to aid consumers in their EV-buying experience from start to finish. The program consists of two main parts. The first is, a one-stop EV information and shopping site that connects consumers with PlugStar-certified dealers and educates people about available EVs on the market, charging and purchase incentives. The other part is the organization’s PlugStar training and support program that assists and certifies automotive dealers and salespeople.

PlugStar’s dealer training differs from manufacturer training in that it is not limited to a specific model, provides ongoing support for dealers and consumers, and shares best practices to increase confidence in selling electric vehicles. The training includes a section devoted to the various federal tax credits available to EV buyers. Dealers and sales staff can opt into the program and training anywhere in the country – it is available to all dealers, anytime, anywhere.

The on-demand PlugStar EV Vehicle Sales Training covers EV fundamentals, charging basics and consumer incentives, among other things. Individuals can complete the two-hour training to become a PlugStar Certified EV Specialist, while dealers can purchase multi-seat licenses to become PlugStar Certified Dealerships. Beyond the training, certified dealers receive access to phone and email support for themselves and their customers, customer leads through and opportunities to participate in Plug In America’s ride-and-drive events that give them personal interactions with potential customers.

The organization is offering special pricing to celebrate the launch. People can receive 20% off using the promo code INTRO20 at checkout through May 20, 2023. Sign up for the course at

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Plug In America is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the use of plug-in electric vehicles in the United States. Formed in 2008, Plug In America provides practical, objective information to consumers and dealerships about EVs through various programs, including National Drive Electric Week, Drive Electric Earth Day,, and other public outreach events. With Plug In America’s coalition of plug-in vehicle drivers, policy experts and technical advisors, their expertise represents the world’s deepest pool of experience in driving and living with plug-in vehicles. Their motto: “We drive electric. You can too.” Learn more at

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