Utility investment in education and outreach is necessary for widespread transportation electrification


December 17, 2020

Noah Barnes, Plug In America, nbarnes@pluginamerica.org/a>
Phil Jones, Alliance for Transportation Electrification,

Utility investment in education and outreach is necessary for widespread transportation electrification
The Alliance for Transportation Electrification and Plug In America release whitepaper examining education and outreach

SEATTLE—Today, the Alliance for Transportation Electrification (ATE) and Plug In America jointly released the whitepaper titled The Missing Piece on Meeting Transportation Electrification Goals: Utility Education and Outreach Programs. The whitepaper, a collaborative effort from the ATE’s subcommittee on education and outreach (E&O), examines the current state of E&O in the transportation electrification (TE) sector and lays the foundation for why utility investment in E&O is the missing piece to achieving widespread TE goals in a state or region.>

The paper outlines eight key reasons for why utilities should be enabled to invest in E&O for transportation electrification programs and concludes with a summary of best practices in utility E&O for EVs, which include test ride and drives, retail experience centers, dealer partnerships and automaker partnerships, and other innovative partnerships.

“The electric vehicle ecosystem is big and complex consisting of auto OEMs, utilities, charging station providers and vendors, and NGOs and EV drivers associations,” said Phil Jones, executive director of the Alliance for Transportation Electrification. “Our success in this fundamental transformation of the auto and energy industries depends on collaboration and a team effort of many groups. Utilities regulated by Commissions are trying to do their part to increase the awareness of consumers about EVs both on specific EV programs and broadly including the types of charging infrastructure, rate design, and the comparison of electricity to conventional fuels. But there is no question that awareness of customers is still far too low, and that the utilities, working with their Commissions and their stakeholders, need to do more in E&O. This paper outlines some common-sense steps and best practices for utilities to carry out with many public and private state agencies and stakeholders.”

“Studies show that while consumers are slowly growing aware of EVs as a purchase option, there is a significant need to educate consumers on where and when to charge, including the charging rates and options at utilities, and other EV related issues,” said Joel Levin, executive director of Plug In America. “Just as utilities educated their customers on energy efficiency technologies, like lightbulbs, there is a need for utilities to also educate on EVs. If states want to achieve their EV goals, greater investment on E&O from utilities is needed.”

The paper can be accessed here.


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