American Lung Association State of the Air report demonstrates need for clean electric vehicles


April 21, 2020

Contact: Noah Barnes, Plug In America
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American Lung Association State of the Air report demonstrates need for clean electric vehicles

LOS ANGELES – Today, the American Lung Association released its annual State of the Air report. It found that nearly 50% of Americans live in counties with unhealthy ozone or particle pollution, an increase over the past three years.

Plug In America, a nonprofit organization that educates Americans about clean electric vehicles, released the following statement:

“The American Lung Association’s report clearly indicates that air pollution levels in the United States are simply too high. Poor air quality can have detrimental health effects for people with asthma and other lung diseases and can even increase the likelihood of a heart attack or stroke.

“Transportation is the leading cause of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. To protect our public health, the U.S. needs to quickly transition to clean electric transportation. Electric vehicles (EVs) do not have a tailpipe and, therefore, have zero tailpipe emissions. We urge consumers to consider the many benefits of EVs and urge elected officials to pass policies that encourage the adoption of EVs. The health of Americans is at risk.”


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