Enough is Enough: Plug In America to Defend Electric Vehicles and Join Suit Against Federal Government Over Backwards Proposal on Clean Car Standards


Contact: Noah Barnes, Plug In America
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LOS ANGELES, August 2, 2018—Today, Plug In America is announcing that it will join a lawsuit to defend clean air, national security, public health and the global climate from the Trump administration’s proposal to roll back clean car standards and attack the longstanding authority of states to set their own strong limits on tailpipe pollution. These limits include the zero emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate, the largest policy driver of EV sales today.

“The Trump Administration is tossing away states’ rights with this unprecedented proposal, telling Americans to drive dirtier vehicles that are more expensive to fuel,” said Joel Levin, Executive Director of Plug In America. “California has historically had some of the worst air pollution in the country. The authority granted to California to set strong standards for itself and the twelve other states plus D.C. that follow its rules has led to significantly reduced air pollution. Revoking this authority doesn’t help anyone, it just hurts the American people. We will see them in court.”

Plug In America Policy Director Katherine Stainken stated, “Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler is proposing to gut the Clean Air Act, which gives states legal authority for stricter standards—an authority states have had for more than 50 years. They are using debunked claims about vehicle safety to justify themselves. Enough is enough. Plug In America will be joining with other public interest and business groups in litigation to defend electric vehicles against this attack.”

The new proposal kicks off a long comment process on the clean car standards again, allowing higher-polluting cars to remain on the roads for years and delaying U.S. production of technologically advanced electric cars, even as this technology rapidly moves forward in Europe and Asia.

“This runs counter to what Americans actually want. We have seen phenomenal growth in EV adoption in 2018, up 40% in just the first half of this year—clearly there is demand for EVs,” stated Levin. “We strongly oppose this action by the Trump Administration.”

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