USPS Groundbreaking Victory in Efforts to Electrify Delivery Vehicle Fleets


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USPS Groundbreaking Victory in Efforts to Electrify Delivery Vehicle Fleets

The move establishes the U.S. government as a leader in fleet electrification and is a huge victory for climate and public health advocates after years of calls for the Postal Service to prioritize the acquisition of electric vehicles, especially for last-mile deliveries.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Dec. 20, 2022) — Today the United States Postal Service (USPS) and the Biden administration took an historic step forward in the electrification and modernization of the USPS fleet with a $9.6 billion investment plan. The initiative includes acquiring 106,000 delivery vehicles, including 66,000 electric vehicles, and building charging infrastructure. As part of the plan, USPS also committed to acquiring only all-electric vehicles starting in 2026.

“This is a day to celebrate,” said Joel Levin, Plug In America’s executive director. “Our years-long efforts have paid off and our communities will be better for it. EVs are a perfect fit for USPS neighborhood delivery vehicles which mostly go just a few miles and can be charged overnight at the local postal facility.”

This monumental shift away from gasoline-powered delivery vehicles is a huge win for all communities across the country, cutting down on harmful pollution in neighborhoods. Electric vehicles (EVs) cost less to fuel and maintain compared to gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles, as well as reduce domestic dependence on foreign oil imports. USPS drivers will also be safer, as the new vehicles provide modern features missing from the current fleet, like air conditioning and advanced safety technologies to keep drivers comfortable and pedestrians safe.

“This is really groundbreaking,” Plug In America policy director Ingrid Malmgren stated. “The USPS vehicle fleet is the largest part of the world’s largest vehicle fleet. This expectation–that USPS will use these funds to acquire only 100 percent electric delivery vehicles starting in 2026–sets a precedent for the U.S. and the rest of the world.”

Plug In America has a long history of pushing the Postal Service to adopt more electric delivery vehicles to replace its outdated and extremely inefficient fleet. The organization engaged its members to collect more than 25,000 signatures and messages on petitions to stop USPS’s purchase of inefficient, gas-powered vehicles and publicly called on USPS to go electric.

“This wouldn’t have happened without our supporters and their sustained efforts,” Levin said. “We’re proud to be part of the EV advocate community full of people that are passionate and persistent in our fight for safer, healthier communities.”

For more information on the USPS’s plan to electrify its fleet of delivery vehicles, view their press release here.

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