Increasing access to EV charging will accelerate the adoption of clean vehicles. As EV drivers, we know that the majority of EV charging occurs where EV drivers are spending their time: at home and at the workplace. If a potential EV driver does not have access to home charging, the ability to charge at the workplace becomes a major consideration in the purchase of an EV.

What is workplace charging?

Workplace charging means providing access to Level 1, Level 2 or DC Fast Charging stations at the workplace. Depending on the parking layout at the workplace, this could be as simple as providing access to an outside 120V outlet along the building exterior or, for a large workplace, installing a combination of charging stations.

Workplace charging is especially useful for plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) drivers. Since PHEVs have smaller batteries and less all-electric range, being able to charge at work allows PHEV drivers to cover both legs of their commute using  all-electric mode.

Workplace charging is also extremely useful for drivers of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) with shorter ranges. Workplace charging also can serve as the primary source of EV charging for employees who don’t have access to home charging including those who live in apartments or condominiums. A 2023 survey by the Boston Consulting Group found that 13% of EV owners had access to charging at work, but not at home. For the 62% who had access to both home and workplace charging, 26% of their charging hours occurred at work. Plug In America has repeatedly found in our EV Driver Surveys that, when workplace charging is offered, EV drivers make frequent use of it.

Additional benefits of having EV charging stations at the workplace include the following:

  • Workplace charging helps to attract and retain talent
  • Offering EV charging builds the reputation of a company as being a leader in sustainability
  • Employees love charging at work
  • Workplace charging is inexpensive compared to other employee benefits
  • Workplace charging is a great way for organizations and companies to meet their ESG goals!

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