Plug In America to release results of electric vehicle consumer survey on Thursday


February 9, 2021

Noah Barnes, Plug In America
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Plug In America to release results of electric vehicle consumer survey on Thursday

LOS ANGELES—Plug In America will be releasing the results of a major national survey of more than 4,300 electric vehicle (EV) consumers, both current drivers and those who plan to purchase one, on Thursday. As a preview, the executive summary is now available on the Plug In America website at

The report reveals that, overall, EV drivers are very satisfied with their vehicles, with 96% reporting that their next vehicle will also be electric. A majority of those indicated that their primary motivation to purchase an electric vehicle was the environment and air quality.

However, drivers report that there is room for improvement with dealerships and public charging. Only 15% of EV owners rated their dealership salesperson knowledge as “very high.” Additionally, 54% of owners reported experiencing problems with public charging.

“We are pleased to report that EV owners are happy with their decision to drive electric,” said Joel Levin, executive director of Plug In America. “EV drivers enjoy many benefits, from reduced fuel costs to simpler maintenance to a superior driving experience. However, we need to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible for the millions of Americans that will be shifting to electric vehicles in the coming years. We will continue working with federal and state governments, electric utilities, charging networks, dealerships and others to help more people shift to clean EVs.”

Full results of the EV consumer survey, including consumers’ motivating factors, habits, and demographics, will be released on Thursday, February 11 on


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