11.13.2010 - by Linda Nicholes
What is the Electric Car?

Are you ready to behold the vision of electric cars up on the silver screen once again? While the new film documentary What is the Electric Car?  doesn’t have the high drama of Who Killed the Electric Car?  with the attendant spectacle of EVs heading to the crusher, it does highlight the excitement and reality of electric cars heading to a showroom near you. This newly-minted, 75-minute documentary recently premiered at the Orlando Film Festival. Watch for it later this month in selected theaters in Florida, California and New York.

The film takes an insider look at an industry expected to generate $200 billion in revenues over the next 15 years. The producer, Florida-based Nemours Marketing, is not affiliated with Who Killed the Electric Car? and takes a far less confrontational tone, choosing instead to reveal the many virtues of electric vehicles. What is the Electric Car? intends to help the average automobile consumer understand why he or she just might want to drive one of the film’s many battery-powered stars home from a dealership. And the documentary succeeds in exposing and debunking multiple EV myths one by one.

I attended a sneak-peek preview screening in October. My personal off-the-cuff opinion: The documentary is not only entertaining and highly educational, it also does a pretty good job of visually and verbally explaining what makes electric cars tick; what makes them so devlishly and deliciously fun to drive while helping to bury forever the outdated idea that electric vehicles are as stodgy as Grandpa’s old golf cart. By showcasing an endless variety of all-electric makes and models, the documentary bequeaths the revolutionary notion that battery-driven vehicles can’take any form or be any body style one can conceivably dream up. Think of a Tango or a Tesla or imagine a behemoth electric port truck.

Nissan Leaf, courtesy of Design-milk.com

In all candor, an occasional impartially-presented opposing viewpoint would have added some additional heft to the documentary. Nonetheless, I believe that this clearly pro-EV documentary will help convince a largely EV-ignorant public that there is an automotive electrical storm about to unwind just over yonder horizon, and there is no time like the present or the very near future to turn the key to cleaner, cheaper, zippier personal transportation.

One more thing: By attending one of the upcoming California screenings of What is the Electric Car?  you just might win a free mystery EV of undisclosed make and model. Really.

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7 comments on “What is the Electric Car?”
  1. Mike B says:

    I hope that we can see the movie soon in other states, other than California and Florida. Please when/where will the masses be able to view the movie?

    1. Linda says:

      Hi Mike,

      Plug In America fully supports What is the Electric Car? although we had nothing to do with its production so we don’t have any control over where the movie is shown.

      However, the DVD will be coming out shortly.


      1. How do we sign up to be at the LA screening and park our RAV4 EV in front of the theater in Hollywood?

        1. Linda says:

          Hi Howard

          Please contact Linda Nicholes through info@pluginamerica.org. Mark your calendar for Tuesday, December 14th at 7:30 pm at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. See you there?


          1. Ken Muir says:

            Hi Linda,
            When is “What is the Electric Car?” coming to San Jose / San Francisco?

          2. Linda says:

            Hi Ken,

            I have no information about this film playing in the San Jose / San Francisco area, unfortunately. But there is going to be a huge premier at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, as you know, on Dec. 14th. New info is that the Green Carpet arrivals will start at 6:30, with an EV parade, EV sponsor display in the theater courtyard and the screening starting at 8:00 sharp. More exciting news: There will be a FREE electric car give away at 9:30 when the movie ends!

            I know this is a distance for you, but I also know that the DVD will be released shortly after this screening. If by chance you CAN make it, please RSVP to Scott duPont: scottdup@juno.com.


          3. Regan says:

            Seems the film will screen at the Abbot Kinney branch of the L.A. Public Library this Saturday at 3pm.

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