Announcing a New pluginamerica.org

We’ve been saying “It’s coming, it’s coming” for so long now. It feels so good to finally be able to say “It’s here!”

Today marks a milestone. After months and months of proposals, design, implementation, and lots and lots of debugging, the new pluginamerica.org takes its first steps. Please bear with us as we fix broken links and complete the transition.

The Trackers

Keith Barry at Wired today published a list of eleven “trailblazing electric vehicles”, which neatly sum up how far we’ve come. Well if you like eleven, you’ll love the one-hundred plug-in vehicles in our redesigned Vehicle Tracker, edited by Colby Trudeau.

Our brand new Accessory Tracker attempts to document the renaissance of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and chargers.

There’s a lot of activity in this industry, and our Tracker content is always changing. Both Trackers now include RSS feeds, so you can subscribe and be notified of changes as they’re posted.

Better Communication

You will find commenting enabled in many places. Are you looking forward to an upcoming plug-in vehicle? Do you hate the styling of another? Leave a comment at the bottom of the vehicle page. Want to ask a question about a charger? Leave a comment at the bottom of its page.

Want to let us know of a new vehicle or charger we don’t have listed? Want to ask that question about plug-in vehicles you always wanted answered? Want to just let us know what you think of the new site? Leave us feedback via our Contact Form.

Room to Grow

The most important improvement isn’t immediately visible because it’s beneath the surface. The new site is built on a very popular Content Management System that allows more of our staff to contribute timely content, and allows us to keep up with this quickly growing industry.


There have been many long hours behind this transition. Moving an existing site with hundreds of pages of content is no easy task. Throughout it all, Colby Trudeau has put in a monumental effort. Here’s to the “stick-to-itiveness” of one of our most productive individuals. Thanks Colby.

Plug In America’sends its sincere thanks to the following people

  • Brandon Black and the folks at Greenlite Web Design
  • All our website editors and testers, with special thank yous to Intern Arianne Ransom-Hodges, who helped during our vendor search, Marc Geller, who helped during design, and Alexandra Paul, Sherry Boschert, and Chad Schwitters, editors extraordinaire.

— Richard Kelly


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