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If you still haven’t heard, several weeks ago, Plug In America released the first two of our seven brand new Public Service Announcements. We released them online, and asked our supporters to contact their local TV stations to request that they air our PSAs. We already have several television stations interested, so keep an eye out for them. If you know of a TV station or movie theater which might air our PSAs, please contact psa[at]pluginamerica[dot]org.

On November 11th, just two days after the PSAs had launched, I got a call from Plug In America board member Zan Dubin Scott. Zan gave me the news that Hulu had contacted her, and they wanted to air our PSAs free of charge. This was big news. I had always seen PSAs on Hulu, and while planning our online rollout, I had looked into getting our PSAs on Hulu, but was unable to find any information on their nonprofit programs. The fact that Hulu contacted us only two days after the release of our PSAs, was absolutely amazing.

For those that may not know, Hulu is an online TV network which airs thousands of TV show episodes and movies on demand. It’s just like watching TV on your computer, but with less commercials and it’s absolutely free. Hulu gets 30 million unique visitors per month, 14% of online video viewers, the largest audience to which we’ve sent our PSAs yet.

Eager to get our PSAs on Hulu, our PSA committee rushed to get Hulu the media they needed. Thanks to Zan Dubin Scott, Jeff U’Ren, Alexandra Paul, Eric Swenson, and Richard Kelly, we were able to give Hulu the videos and banner ads the very next day and our PSAs went live on November 18th. Hulu doesn’t let you search for advertisements, but next time you’re watching your shows on Hulu, be sure to keep an eye out for our PSAs during the commercial breaks (I’ve also seen ads for the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf on Hulu).

On behalf of the Plug In America PSA committee, I’d like to thank Brooke Citron and all of Hulu for promoting a clean, renewable future of transportation.

If you would like to be notified when the next PSAs come out, subscribe to our YouTube Channel, or visit https://pluginamerica.org/drive-electric. Our next PSA, Hype, will go live November 30th.
Posted by Colby Trudeau

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