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Welcome to the world of electric vehicle clubs, where you have the power to drive monumental change and spearhead the most significant evolution in vehicle technology since the advent of the automobile! As you embark on this journey, you’ll discover the excitement and significance of embracing EVs as a transformative force for the future. 

In a world racing towards sustainability, transportation electrification stands as a defining moment in our history. While other countries have already embraced EVs with open arms, the United States stands at a critical crossroads, yearning to accelerate its progress and become a global leader. Now is the time for action, and by starting your own electric vehicle club you are a trailblazer revolutionizing how we move and shaping the future of our nation. This guide will provide essential steps, valuable insights, and proven strategies to ensure your club’s success and help you drive the electrification revolution forward!

The momentous investments made by both the government and private companies are clear signs of the immense potential and undeniable weight behind the transition to electric transportation. As EVs have evolved from just a niche choice to a practical, cost-effective, and innovative option, they are reshaping the fabric of transportation and rewriting the rules of progress.

Beyond the captivating technological and economic prospects, embracing electric vehicles offers a profound opportunity to shift our nation’s energy landscape. By generating our own energy and reducing reliance on foreign entities, we foster national self-sufficiency and secure a brighter future for generations to come. When constructing the vehicles themselves, we have the opportunity to build American industry—promoting jobs and ethical labor practices along the entire supply chain. Through a robust circular economy, vehicles and their components can be recycled and refurbished, reducing excess waste.  It’s not just about driving EVs: it’s about driving change, empowering communities, and embarking on a journey that transcends transportation to redefine our relationship with the world around us.

And here’s the best part: the power is in your hands to create something extraordinary, unique, and tailored to your vision. Your electric vehicle club is where you have the freedom to craft an experience that reflects your passion, goals, and dreams. Whether fostering academic discussions, driving local policy change, engineering new technologies, or organizing awe-inspiring events that captivate your campus, your club can become a resounding force that sets the course for a brighter, sustainable future.

This guide will outline the steps necessary to build your own EV club. Based on experiences of student EV clubs across the country, this guide outlines the numerous obstacles and opportunities awaiting you on this electrifying journey. From establishing your club’s vision and purpose to navigating the intricate landscape of EV-related challenges, you will find valuable insights and practical advice to help you drive monumental change.

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Table Of Contents

Step 1: Vision

Determining the goals of your club, and the ways you will accomplish it.

  • Mission Statement
  • Choosing a Target

Step 2: Building The Team

Crafting a strong team through effective recruiting, efficient governance, and considerate faculty advisors.

  • Recruitment
  • Officers
  • Advisor

Step 3: Making It Official

Positioning your club as an official group and writing its governing documents.

  • Constitution

Step 4: Getting It Rolling

The first steps in building the momentum of your club through the development of consistent meetings and securing the necessary funding.

  • Meeting Location
  • Meeting Structure
  • Setting Goals
  • Funding

Step 5: Making A Difference

Using your club to make an impact through events, builds, and community engagement.

  • Marketing Events
  • Socials
  • Guest Speakers
  • Public Events
  • Policy and Advocacy
  • Campaigns
  • Building

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