The Missing Piece on Meeting Transportation Electrification Goals: Utility Education and Outreach Programs

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Policymakers are pushing forward with bold policies and programs that encourage and support the transition to transportation electrification. Yet despite these policies, one of the remaining barriers to greater adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) is a lack of education and awareness by consumers and fleet operators. What has been done to date in the area of education and awareness of these vehicles, and which programs have worked the best? Furthermore, while utilities have been engaging in the build-out of EV infrastructure, what should be their role in terms of education and awareness as this transition to transportation electrification occurs? Attendees will learn the current activities on EV education and awareness and will understand the role of the utility as well.


  • Nick Nigro, Atlas Public Policy (moderator)
  • Lisa Arellanes, Southern California Edison
  • Josh Boone, Veloz
  • Jamie Hall, General Motors
  • Katherine Stainken, Plug In America

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