Post-Election Outlook for Transportation Electrification Policy in 2021. Featuring a conversation with experts from Plug In America and the Electrification Coalition.

This webinar was recorded on November 18, 2020.

Despite a global pandemic in 2020, and in some cases because of it, interest in electric vehicles has remained high among consumers and policy makers alike.  However, while policies to accelerate transportation electrification adoption were included in the push to stimulate economic recovery, little progress was made at the federal level.  More progress was achieved at the state level, with some significant policies adopted, but much work remains to be done. With that backdrop, and the election impacting policy making at all levels, what is the outlook for transportation electrification policy adoption in 2021? What new doors for activity will open at the federal level? What activity will we see at the state and city levels? Join Plug In America and the Electrification Coalition, who work at the federal, state, and local levels, for a post-election, first look into the 2021 policy landscape for transportation electrification, and learn how you can get involved too.


  • Jay Friedland, Senior Policy Advisor, Plug In America
  • Sue Gander, Managing Director, EV Policy, Electrification Coalition
  • Andrew Linhardt, EV Policy Manager, Electrification Coalition
  • Ben Prochazka, National Director, Electrification Coalition
  • Katherine Stainken, Policy Director, Plug In America
  • Moderated by Rachel Frazin, Energy & Environment Reporter, The Hill

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