Cover of Securing Federal Funding to Drive the EV TransitionTransportation electrification offers significant community benefits and a path forward to create jobs, improve air quality and health, and save consumers money on energy and transportation costs.

Billions of federal dollars are available to support local governments, communities, and businesses to drive the transition to electric transportation and deliver the significant benefits of an electrified transportation system to communities.

This guide, prepared by Plug In America and the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP), provides a range of resources to assist local stakeholders and planners in accessing and leveraging federal funding opportunities. The guide includes resources to support local planners across the following areas:

  • Technical assistance
  • Grant Writing Assistance
  • Stakeholder engagement guidance
  • Web-based tools (e.g. mapping tools, funding locators, etc.)
  • Arizona’s EV Infrastructure Deployment Plan
  • Priority federal funding programs for EVs and infrastructure deployment


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