Plug In America remembers Kathy Lynch


Plug In America remembers Kathy Lynch

There are no words to adequately describe the kind and brilliantly effective persuasion that Kathy Lynch, our long-time partner in advocacy for Plug In America, brought when lobbying for all EV drivers in California.

And there are no words that can adequately describe the deep and profound loss we feel from her being taken so suddenly.

For two decades, from even before Plug In America’s formal founding, she was an invaluable advisor, helping us focus efforts for EV consumers in the California government. Even as a small non-profit, we were aware that someone who knew the ins and outs of the largest state government in the United States was key to driving state agencies to make the right decisions, leveraging EVs with consumer credits, adopting standards to improve compatibility, creating rules to ensure fair and equitable charging, and in so many other nuances of EV policy – large and small.

Kathy helped us translate our passion into practical improvements for California EV drivers. And she did it with grace, kindness, and deeply understood political genius. She was one of us – an EV driver getting her first RAV4EV in 2003. She was incredibly effective in helping create better outcomes for underfunded non-profits – even when up against opposed corporate interests who were not advocating for the consumer. And no one ever felt disrespected after a meeting with Kathy.

When we were enraged early on about a state agency not pushing the automakers far enough, she funneled our passion into productive next steps that yielded better legislation and regulations. When we were frustrated about access for EV charging for everyone, she turned frustration to action and we wrote and help pass the EV Open Access Act, which is now a model piece of legislation across the country. When we were discouraged and thought that some entrenched interest would defeat us, she reminded us that we needed patience and we dusted ourselves back up and tried again, allowing us to win the day.

She was one of those rare people who was a pleasure to work with and a pleasure to socialize with. She was one of those rare people for whom politics wasn’t a stumbling block or side to sit on. She was one of the truly good ones in our fight for a better world with EVs. We will continue to work hard to support the expanding EV movement and dedicate our EV advocacy and policy efforts in California and across the world to Kathy Lynch.

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