Improving fuel economy is good, but not enough


Improving fuel economy is good, but not enough

On March 31, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reversed the Trump administration’s actions by issuing more stringent fuel economy standards for light-duty vehicle model years 2024 to 2026. Plug In America commends the administration for making internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles more fuel-efficient. This is an important step in reducing air pollution in our communities.

At the same time, the federal government should be focusing its efforts on making EVs more accessible to all Americans through greater incentives for EV drivers, increased EV charging infrastructure, and other policies that we know drive EV adoption. In order for us to truly reduce air pollution and combat climate change, reducing the number of internal combustion engine vehicles that are on the road is vital.

PIA encourages the Biden administration and Congress to continue working with states and communities across the nation to build out a robust electric vehicle infrastructure, and to make electric vehicles accessible to all Americans. This is the path to a long-term and sustainable clean transportation system that benefits us all.

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