The time has come to get off petroleum


The time has come to get off petroleum

The Global EV Drivers’ Alliance, comprised of EV driver associations in nearly 40 countries around the world, including Plug In America, has released the following statement:

We need to speak the truth. The Russian war against Ukraine is being paid for by exports of oil and gas, just like all of Putin’s previous wars. If everybody in our countries drove electric vehicles and their electricity came from renewables, this war would probably not be happening. And Russia is just today’s example of oil exporters fueling wars. Oil and gas exports fund violent conflict around in the world.

But it’s not just war. Oil and gas exports fuel corruption and oligarchy too. The next time you see a $100 million mega-yacht, know that it was probably paid for with oil and gas proceeds. Oil and gas exports typically put vast wealth into a few pockets, making democracy difficult and sometimes impossible.

Electricity is locally produced and many cities and countries produce their own power. It rarely crosses international borders and it mostly pays for local jobs. When you buy electricity, you are investing in building out the grid, renewable power generation and charging infrastructure.

This war in Ukraine is a catastrophic human tragedy. No matter how it ends, it will certainly be one of the defining events of our century.

But in fact, we are not bystanders. We are funding it every time we fuel our cars. That is why GEVA members are calling on our countries to take decisive and rapid action, not just to end Russian petroleum imports, but to eliminate the demand for petroleum by taking all the steps necessary to accelerate the shift to electric transport NOW. We know all the pieces that need to be in place to build and deliver the cars and charging infrastructure. But this is not a 20-year project, this is a project that calls for action today.

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