Host your own Electric Driveway Party


Host your own Electric Driveway Party

Do you have a new electric car? If so, it’s party time! Specifically, you should consider hosting an Electric Driveway Party.

Here’s the basic idea: park your car (and other local plug-ins, if you can get them) in your driveway, and invite anybody and everybody. Friends, neighbors, coworkers, family. Don’t just ask friends that are already interested in plug-in vehicles; everybody in America needs to know about them! And talking to you, a real-life owner that they know and trust, is the most effective way to move them to the next step in their process of eventually buying their own plug-in vehicle.

This is really important, because consumer demand is the last big obstacle for plug-in vehicles. Automakers have moved from crushing plug-in vehicles to offering new models. Governments are offering purchase incentives, changing ordinances to allow for infrastructure, and working with businesses to install infrastructure. The new cars are very nice to drive, have competitive overall ownership costs, and can go a long way to improving America’s economy, energy security and air quality. The only way that plug-in vehicles are not going to become the next big thing is if early demand flags due to consumers that simply don’t know enough about them to make the switch.

Plug In America still works with automakers, municipalities, and infrastructure providers. And of course we do consumer outreach. But we simply can’t reach everybody; especially those that aren’t interested enough to investigate what we’re saying. We need your help to reach more people. People that ignore articles about plug-in vehicles, and have never driven or even sat in one. Maybe people that have never even seen one.

Ready to get started? Check out our Driveway Party Toolkit and sample invitation and thank you. The kit gives you all sorts of ideas where to have the party, who to invite, what to do, even sample invitations. Of course all of it is optional. The idea is to get your plug-in vehicle in front of people that have questions about them. Plug In America can help you find other plug-in owners and potential attendees in your area.

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