PlugStar is making EV shopping easier


PlugStar is making EV shopping easier

Buying your first EV can be a daunting experience. Will an EV even work for me? Which car is best for my needs? How will I charge it? How much will the electricity cost? And what incentives will I get? Often, shoppers will take these questions to the car dealer, who isn’t always prepared to answer those questions.

Plug In America is helping to ease these concerns through our new PlugStar EV customer engagement platform. The platform features two major components:

First, PlugStar features a set of easy-to-use online tools that guide shoppers through the decision-making process and make personalized recommendations, preparing shoppers before they walk into the dealer.

Second, through the PlugStar Preferred or PlugStar Certified Dealer program, Plug In America works with auto dealers to prepare salespeople to serve the distinct needs of EV buyers, including how to charge them and the many benefits that EVs confer. PlugStar dealers are featured on the PlugStar website.

PlugStar will be deployed in late spring in the Los Angeles area in partnership with the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power and Southern California Edison, to be followed by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District this summer, with more cities to come.

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