Vote YES on Prop 30!


Vote YES on Prop 30!

A vote for Proposition 30 is a vote for clean air in California. If passed, Prop. 30 will impose a small 1.75% personal income tax increase on only the wealthiest Californians (those making more than $2 million per year). This initiative will generate between $3.5 billion to $5 billion annually to fund wildfire response and prevention and to keep driving the statewide electric vehicle transition by making EVs more accessible and affordable.

We need you to vote YES on Prop. 30. Efficient and inexpensive electric vehicles are crucial to California’s goals to address climate change and reduce air pollution. By 2035, the state plans to ban all new sales of gas-powered cars. But, for many low and middle-income residents, purchasing an electric car is still out of reach. A majority of the funds from Prop. 30 — about 80% — would go towards rebates to make it possible for everyday Californians to be part of the electric vehicle transition. It would also invest in charging infrastructure to make that transition possible. The remaining will go towards preventing catastrophic wildfires.

Climate change is devastating our state, leading to more record-setting droughts and wildfires that take lives, damage property, hurt our economy and destroy California’s renowned natural environment. California’s 30-plus million cars and trucks are the largest source of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in the state, making the air quality here among the worst in the world. To address the climate crisis, we need to combat the two root causes of air pollution that contribute to climate change in California: transportation emissions and wildfires.

Let’s prioritize Californians and the health of our planet – while accelerating EV adoption. Vote yes on Prop. 30! Spread the word and make sure your family and friends vote yes on Prop. 30 too!

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#Prop30 was drafted by environmental groups, firefighters, and labor orgs to fight the two biggest sources of air pollution. Vote YES to protect CA, improve air quality and public health, and support EV adoption! #DriveElectric

Vote #YesOn30 to protect CA, not the ultra-rich. @CleanAirNowCA

Voting Yes on #Prop30 means a vote for the protection of California’s climate. It’s time for the ultra-wealthy to pay their fair share.

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