Used Electric Car Buyers’ Guide Now Live!
07.12.2017 - by Plug In America
Used Electric Car Buyers’ Guide Now Live!

Looking into getting a used electric car? Learn what to look for and what to avoid in our new Used Electric Car Buyers’ Guide.  Click the image below to head on over!

3 comments on “Used Electric Car Buyers’ Guide Now Live!”
  1. Greg says:

    Where can I see a full list of used EVs? I’m looking for a 2016 Nissan Leaf

  2. Svitko Kenneth J. says:

    Tesla sells their new “INVENTORY” cars at a nice discount. They have been used in Galleries (showrooms) and for service loaners so they have some miles on them and a few butts in the seats. If a discount makes a difference it might be worth looking at in the future. Used or CPO cars are added regularly and many are low mileage off lease vehicles at much reduced prices depending on mileage. Many cars come off lease every month.

  3. Svitko Kenneth J. says:

    Used EV’s are a great inexpensive option for a used car.
    It is best to keep batteries between 20 – 80% for greatest longevity.
    It is OK to go above and below if necessary but for average daily use it is best to keep within that range.
    Taking a li – Ion battery completely discharged can brick the battery. So you should not take the chance if possible to avoid it. Most EV’s have a safety buffer at the bottom and top range of the battery to prevent battery damage.
    Having an early Nissan Leaf with a small battery and limited range it makes it difficult to keep the battery between 20 and 80 %. It is time for Nissan and all other EV makers to step it up and offer 200+ mile REAL range.
    It is important to know the REAL range of the vehicle that you are buying and the REAL range that you will be using it on a regular basis. Buying a used EV you are getting a used battery. For some people the range is still good enough especially for the price. It also helps to know where local charge points are in case you need a charge to make it home. Yes 90% of all charging is done at home but you will still want to be comfortable with other chargers and what they require .

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