07.13.2017 - by Plug In America
Plug In America’s Policy Director Katherine Stainken on Georgia’s Tax Credit

Check out this latest article in Utility Drive where PIA’s very own Katherine Stainken shares why resurrecting Georgia’s EV tax credit is so important for the state’s economy.

“Two years ago, Georgia lawmakers got rid of an attractive $5,000 tax credit for the purchase of electric vehicles —and replaced it with a $200 registration fee. The result was predictable: Sales cratered.”

“The EV pie is so big,” Katherine Stainken said. Getting more zero-emissions vehicles on Georgia’s roads “will drive new jobs and income to the state.”

Read the Utility Drive article here.

To find out more about the economic benefits of reinstating the EV tax credit for Georgia, read the Electrify the South study here.

Georgians! Make sure you head over to a National Drive Electric Week event either in Alpharetta on September 9th or in Athens on September 10th.

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  1. Douglas Moulton says:

    I believe Tesla (a la Elon Musk) has done himself immeasurable harm. Why? Mankind hates to be duped, and often scorns those who miss lead them. Musk promoted a car for the masses to sell for $35,000.. The product, after many delays, is not for the masses, but for those who are wealthy and can afford the first production runs that price out in excess of $44,000.and may range at high as $60,000. or even more ! We will wait and see how many may cancel their order
    and probably have additional delays waiting for their refunds.

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