The Electric Car Needs You
11.30.2016 - by Joel Levin
The Electric Car Needs You

Dear Friends,

We stand at a moment of great uncertainty for the electric car. With the outcome of the election, we need your help and your commitment now more than ever.

Plug In America has stood firm in its commitment to electric vehicles through a range of political climates; in fair weather and foul. Over many years, we have pushed both Democratic and Republican administrations to be bold in their support of EVs. And the reason we have been successful is that the case for EVs is strong and bipartisan. The benefits that EVs bring to our energy security, the environment, our manufacturing sector, and our economy have not changed at all since the election. Plenty of legislators from both parties, in states red and blue, drive EVs and are strong EV supporters. In fact, the current federal tax credits for EVs and charging infrastructure were both passed by a Republican-led Congress.

Several things that will greatly affect EVs for years may happen quickly after January 20. For starters, we must defend the federal $7,500 EV tax credit. It has been critical to the development of the EV market. However, with the potential infrastructure package to be considered by Congress in the first 100 days, there is also a unique opportunity to have a major federal investment in highway charging infrastructure—and we’ll only have one shot to get it right. To do these things, we are working to put an on-the-ground representative in Washington, D.C. for the first time. But we need you to stand with us.

We are seeking to raise $100,000 by the end of the year to support this effort. Please consider making a contribution today of at least $35 to demonstrate your continuing strong commitment to EVs. And if you can donate $100 or $1,000, I can promise you that it will be money well spent.


Joel Levin
Executive Director
Plug In America

7 comments on “The Electric Car Needs You”
  1. Ben Brown says:

    The first year we held the NDEW-Kalamazoo we heard of two purchases by year’s end. This year four months after the event there were five highway capable bev purchases. I dream of exponential growth, even with the Michigan 2017 excessive ev registration fees. Why not 120 new ev purchases or more in our community in 2017?

    Just today I ran into a farmer who purchased a Leaf for his main (non heavy hauling) vehicle. He was extremely pleased with the purchase and the car was his first choice of vehicles to drive.

    Our oil/ICE funded state government invited comments late Fall about accepting funds from VW settlement for charger placement. Locally, they didn’t invite ev owners, but an ICE enthusiast who oversees university charging stations to speak for “if” we even needed to take advantage of the potential funds. He saw little need for DCQC to enable travel between cities. Argh!!

    This is why we need Plug In America and its members to be advocates of hope. You, we, can end the 30% climate change contribution autos make to the destruction of our environment. Plus ev’s are a natural gateway technology to solar/wind and battery storage..


  2. Rusty West says:

    Drive Electric. Promote Climate Recovery!

  3. Linda Nicholes says:

    The ICE age is over. It is now the AMP age.
    Get amped. You will enjoy being addicted to Kilowatts.

  4. Lynda Monchak says:

    I moved from a ICE – a Ford escort – in 1993 to a hybrid – a Toyota Prius in 2010 to a plug in hybrid – a plug in hybrid Toyota Prius in 2013 to a full EV – a Nissan Leaf in 2016! I absolutely love my Leaf!

  5. Tim Shevlin says:

    You mean “Owning and operating an EV saves…”
    Your best point, for me, is your opening sentence. Someday we will be accused of being “addicted to electric powered cars”…. well, I already am.
    Hear, hear!!

  6. Shicana A. says:

    I agree with your passion for saving lives that are being lost in order to satisfy the bottomless thirst for gasoline. Hopefully, you are also a vegan/vegetarian, as billions of animal lives are lost annually (and just as needlessly) in satisfying people’s desire to eat meat. I have gone without it for over 30 years, am in perfect health and look years younger than my age, so it is definitely not a requirement to sustain human life. In any case, congratulations are stating your position on oil so thoroughly and eloquently. Can’t wait to get my first EV…hopefully in the next few months!

  7. Donald Eyermann says:

    I have switched my primary “daily driver” automobile to an EV. I LOVE it, I would NEVER go back to a disgusting filthy stinking gas car. I switched for four reasons: 1.) I feel the EV is right for the environment. 2.) The OIL WARS will go on indefinitely in the Middle East….we have actually been in the Middle East since WWII when we fought Irwin Rommel…. and the NAZIs were only there for the OIL as well. I feel no-one should have to DIE so I can buy gasoline. 3.) The Oil Billionaires and cohorts are engaged in a deliberate strategy to manipulate (and gain control of) our Democracy for their benefit. I want to oppose this Traitorous activity…by not buying their damn gasoline. 4.) Owning and operating a gas car saves money. Less maintenance, And I can drive my EV today for 25% less money today than I could drive my 1956 Oldsmobile at age 16 back in 1962 when gasoline was 19.9¢ per gallon!!

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