12.05.2016 - by Plug In America
Plug In America, Working for You in 2017

Watch these special messages from Plug In America, then please consider making a donation to support our work in 2017 and beyond.

Katherine Stainken, Policy Director

Patrick Harbison, Communications Advisor

Katherine Stainken, Policy Director

4 comments on “Plug In America, Working for You in 2017”
  1. Steve Sears says:

    My wife & I had identified that we will pursue buying an EV in 2017 or 2018. Our Current VW TDI is about to be swapped for the Settlement Program and we need a replacement. I’ve been researching the 2017 New Nissan Leaf and the Tesla 3.

  2. Stephen Hanrahan says:

    In addition to extending the tax credit, I believe the credit rules should be adjusted so it can be carried forward over multiple years. That way it would be of use to potentially more electric car buyers who might not be able to use the entire credit in only one tax year.

  3. Dutch Merrick says:

    When is the Drive Electric week, mentioned in the video text?

    1. John U'ren says:

      Hi Dutch,

      Drive Electric Week is the world’s largest gathering of electric car drivers and people who are learning about how great they are. Join us next year September 9-17, 2017!

      Find an event near you

      National Drive Electric Week

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