Secretary Buttigieg to Plug In America: “I am one of you.”
11.02.2021 - by Joel Levin
Secretary Buttigieg to Plug In America: “I am one of you.”

“I am one of you.” That’s what Secretary Pete Buttigieg told me last month when I met him at our Washington D.C. event and explained that Plug In America members are EV consumers. I told him our goal is to represent the interests of consumers as Congress moves forward (hopefully) with the budget reconciliation legislation, infrastructure bill and the package of EV support programs that they include.

In late October, Plug In America put on an EV showcase event at the U.S. Department of Transportation in Washington D.C. with a range of the latest electric cars, trucks, buses, motorcycles, and e-bikes, intended to keep hammering home the message that a wide range of EVs are here now on American roads. We were joined by Secretary Buttigieg and White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy. I had the honor of escorting them around the displayed vehicles. Secretary Buttigieg let me know that, not only is he strongly committed to the EV transformation of our country, but he has an EV himself.

We also talked about how important it is that federal investments in charging infrastructure be done in a way that supports consumers and ensures a positive EV charging experience.

The event was intended to keep the pressure on Congress to keep the EV funding in the budget reconciliation and infrastructure bills as they wind their way through the legislative process. In fact, that process is still going on, so if you haven’t told your elected officials how much you care about EVs lately, please remind them now!

Watch video of speeches at this event:

4 comments on “Secretary Buttigieg to Plug In America: “I am one of you.””
  1. Stephen Werts says:

    Please remember: Tesla has built a robust and still growing, but not ubiquitous, level 3 charging infrastructure, which should soon be widely available to non-Tesla EVs using an adapter. We should also not forget that most residences in the United States can provide 240 volt power at up to 40 amps to a portable level 2 charging cable, which can be bought for about the cost of ten tanks of gasoline for an ICE vehicle–20 if you need a new circuit added to your garage and can’t DIY. Emergency slow charging connections are available wherever the power grid is available; even places without gas stations, such as your uncle’s ranch or a small town in Kansas.

  2. Bill Ward says:

    The best investment that the federal government could make to reduce the cost of charging for multi-unit dwelling residents would be to provide free software for charge station management system (CSMS) services. Duke One EV Direct proposing Novacharge chargers and CSMS want a recurring price of more than $25/month/port. In North Carolina that essentially doubles the cost of charging.

  3. S E Anderson says:

    I believe Sec. Buttigieg drives a Tesla… or his partner does. can we get a verification of this? If so, it would be interesting to hear from about Prez Biden’s totally ignoring of America’s (and the world) largest EV manufacturer: Tesla.

    One thing is clear: by 2022, the White House won’t be able to ignore Tesla as an American success story.

  4. Paul Scott says:

    Glad to read Sec. Buttigieg walks the walk. I would love to see a survey of members of Congress to find out what they and their families drive. It’s important from a hypocrisy point of view, but it’s also important to remind people that using EVs informs those who make laws about them. This is why we don’t already have a robust charging infrastructure.

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