Plug In America training auto dealers in Eastern Washington
10.31.2021 - by Noah Barnes
Plug In America training auto dealers in Eastern Washington

Plug In America has partnered with Avista, an electric utility based in Spokane, to bring our innovative PlugStar dealer engagement program to Eastern Washington. The PlugStar Program is nationally recognized for educating consumers and dealers about electric vehicles (EVs), making it easy to shift to an EV. Since starting our PlugStar EV dealer training and certification program in 2018, we have trained thousands of dealer sales staff and hundreds of dealerships across the country.

Plug In America’s PlugStar program trains auto dealers on the EV ecosystem, including charging, incentives, and more, ensuring that when consumers enter the dealership, they can get their EV questions answered by knowledgeable sales staff. Our recent evaluation report showed that PlugStar-trained dealers sell four times more EVs than their untrained counterparts and are twice as likely to get five-star customer ratings.

To date, Plug In America has created PlugStar programs in Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, Boston, New Jersey, and St. Louis. To find PlugStar-certified dealers in these areas, visit

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