Anaheim Ride-and-Drive Event: A Memorable Success


Anaheim Ride-and-Drive Event: A Memorable Success

Last month, Plug In America and Anaheim Public Utilities partnered for an unforgettable event in the city. Despite the rain showers, the day was filled with great excitement, as well as an outpouring of enthusiasm from all who attended. Event attendees experienced the joy of test-driving various electric vehicles in a safe and controlled environment.

Several renowned dealers showcased their latest electric vehicles, including:

  • Longo Toyota: Showcased their bZ4X models
  • Polestar South Coast: Featured sleek and modern EVs that impressed attendees
  • Rivian: Captured attention with their cutting-edge electric trucks and SUVs
  • CARPROS KIA: Brought their latest electric models to the event, including the EV9
  • OCDEM E-Motorcycles: Displaying a unique range of electric motorcycles
  • Vinfast: Presenting their stylish and powerful SUVs, the VF8, and VF9
  • Connell Chevrolet: Showcased their impressive Blazer EV and Bolt

Many attendees expressed their delight in trying out the diverse range of electric vehicles available at the event while others appreciated the opportunity to engage directly with dealers and learn about the latest advancements in electric mobility. From smooth rides to engaging conversations, the event fostered a deeper appreciation for the future of sustainable transportation.

The success of the Anaheim ride-and-drive event is a testament to the growing interest in electric vehicles and the importance of such events in promoting sustainable transportation. We thank all the participating dealers and attendees for making this day a true celebration of progress.

If your dealership is interested in participating at upcoming ride-and-drive events, please reach out to Don Dolor, Plug In America’s dealer relations specialist, at

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