Progress on EV Charging Equity in California’s Building Codes


Progress on EV Charging Equity in California’s Building Codes

The EV Charging for All coalition continues to make progress; if you live in California, we need your support this week!

Thanks to a massive coalition effort, our EV Charging Equity bill, SB1482, passed out of the Assembly Housing Committee on June 29. Seventy-eight organizations and 87 individuals signed onto our coalition’s support letter, Sven Thesen and Michelle Pierce traveled to Sacramento to serve as Primary Witnesses. Many more residents called their Assembly members and gave support at the hearing.

Unfortunately, at the 11th hour, the powerful California Building Industry Association (CBIA) pressured the Committee to amend and weaken SB 1482. Instead of directing the relevant agencies to adopt equitable code recommendations in the intervening CALGreen code cycle (which takes effect July 1, 2024), the bill now states they shall simply “research and develop and may propose for adoption” our recommendations by the next triennial code adoption (which takes effect January 1, 2026). These and similar amendments postpone the urgent changes needed and take the teeth out of the bill.

Despite these amendments, it remains vital to pass SB 1482. The bill still ensures greater community participation in the code-making process, and pushes the CALGreen code to expand access to EV charging in multi-family housing.

Meanwhile, we continue to irectly influence the ongoing CALGreen code development process. Members are encouraged to attend a stakeholder meeting on July 11th hosted by the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD).

Take Action!

Support SB1482

If you live in California and your Assemblymember voted for SB 1482 (Carrillo, Gabriel, Kalra, Quirk-Silva, Ward, Wicks), please send them a thank you note. Here is a sample script:

“Dear Assemblymember ___, As your constituent, I thank you for voting on June 29 to pass SB 1482 for EV charging equity. I was very disappointed to see that the bill was weakened with amendments, and I urge you to do all you can to ensure that the bill achieves its intended purpose: to provide residents of new apartments and condos the same affordable access to EV charging that residents of new single-family homes have enjoyed since 2015. I will follow your efforts in this regard closely. Thank you!”

If your CA Assemblymember isn’t on that list, you can still take action: SB 1482 is expected to pass through the Assembly Appropriations Committee in early August, after which it will move to the Assembly floor for a vote. It’s not too early to urge your Assemblymember to vote for SB 1482. Send them this email today: 


Give Input on CALGreen July 11 

Help us to directly influence the CALGreen code, which sets the standards for EV charging in new construction. Join us at a focus group meeting hosted by the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) on July 11th to speak up for a robust and equitable code!

If you are able to attend all or part of the meeting, please fill out this form, so the coalition can keep you updated on the agenda and any changes. If not, look for other opportunities we will share to engage in the process. Please also share this with your networks!


After engaging with the 2022 CALGreen code process for over a year, the EV Charging for All coalition sponsored SB 1482 (Allen) to ensure multi-family housing (MFH) residents have charging at the place where it’s most affordable, easy-to-access and safe: at home. Without such access, apartment and condo residents are much less likely to get EVs — missing out on their financial, health and climate benefits.

New construction codes are important, because adding the charging infrastructure up front is 3 to 10 times less expensive than installing it later as a retrofit. Sign up here to learn more about the EV Charging for All Coalition.

Photo Credit: Michelle Pierce

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