Air Resources Board takes steps to make gas car phase-out a law


Air Resources Board takes steps to make gas car phase-out a law

On June 9, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) held a hearing on the Advanced Clean Cars II program. The current Advanced Clean Cars program has been adopted by 17 other states but will end in 2025. Under this program, automakers must sell EVs in these states.

Thank you to the nearly 1,000 Plug In America supporters from these states that submitted comments to CARB! They were well-received and had an impact on the future of EVs.

The hearing was called the most important in its 50-year history, as it was the first in the nation to not just call for the phase-out of internal combustion engine vehicles, but to actually make it a law. This is a huge deal because we are ending the age of petroleum, which we have been in for more than 100 years!

While we will not get everything we hoped for, we are very pleased that many of our priorities will likely end up in the final regulations. These include:

  • equity provisions that will make EVs more accessible to low-income consumers,
  • a technical review in two to three years, ensuring that the rules continue to adapt to rapidly changing technology,
  • and an assurance that the rules will not be weakened.

The 17 other states that have adopted the Advanced Clean Cars program will have the opportunity to adopt this program, but only as adopted by CARB, so these wins are not only good for California, but for states across the country.

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