PlugStar trains auto dealers, educates consumers
10.10.2019 - by Silvia Gonzalez
PlugStar trains auto dealers, educates consumers

PlugStar, Plug In America’s consumer and dealer engagement program, makes the EV shopping experience easier.

On, car buyers compare EVs, shop equipment and services, and connect with trained PlugStar dealers to make choosing an EV simple and pain free.

Here are some helpful features on to better enhance your EV shopping experience:

  • The Shopping Assistant is a great tool to identify which EV models best match your lifestyle. Simply answer a short questionnaire and the results will provide you with the EVs that best match your individual needs. You can then get more in-depth information about incentives, charging and costs, and even compare your favorites to help you choose.
  • The Incentives feature is a quick way to see which public incentives are available where you live. Simply enter your ZIP code and it populates tax credits/rebates, charging availability, electricity discounts and driving perks in your area.
  • Another fun tool to use on is Compare Cars tab. Here you are able to compare different EVs or gas cars in terms of charging, emissions and cost of ownership.

You can find most of your answers on, but feel free to reach out to our EV Support Program for more personalized, one-on-one assistance.

In addition to PlugStar’s online resources, we also train and certify auto dealers to better assist EV customers with questions regarding incentives, charging, and more. Currently, this program is training dealers in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, St. Louis, and New Jersey, with more locations to come. You can find these dealers on Additionally, PlugStar EV dealer training will soon be available more broadly through our new platform.

Photo: PlugStar dealers receive certificates from Program Director Eric Cahill (far left) and Program Manager Kathryn Urquhart (far right).

2 comments on “PlugStar trains auto dealers, educates consumers”
  1. Stephen F Willey says:

    Please do the training and promotion in Idaho too. People here find few or no EV at dealers and drive to Spokane Washington to buy — even though we do have 2 charging spaces in town for a year nopw.

  2. Steve Sears says:

    We have a Pries Prime PlugIn Hybrid that’s giving us over 168 mpg. We’re charging this car NOT on 220, but on 110 because of my experience of stress testing batteries for the Navy. The batteries last long with a slow charge.
    During the Summer months we get 30 miles on a single charge. During the Cold winters this changes to 24 miles on a single charge. I’ve upgrading the original tires to Michelin Primer tires to decrease the stopping distance. The original tires were choosen for mileage rather than transaction, We purchased this car in 2018 and it has serviced us extremely well. I would recommend this car to anyone.

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