PlugStar dealer e-learning course available for free for limited time
05.07.2020 - by Plug In America
PlugStar dealer e-learning course available for free for limited time

Plug In America (PIA) is offering our nationwide web-based PlugStar EV Specialist Basic Course to dealers at NO COST if you sign up by July 15. If a dealership chooses to participate, we hope this opportunity will help support sales teams and electric vehicle (EV) sales during this difficult time.

PIA, a nonprofit organization with the mission of advancing widespread adoption of electric cars, is committed to the health and safety of communities and dealerships nationwide. We understand the concern and uncertainty dealerships may be experiencing around the evolving situation with COVID-19 and we are committed to providing support to dealership teams.

The PlugStar EV Specialist Basic Course is our introductory training course aimed at familiarizing dealer sales staff with the unique aspects of EVs as a new product category. The course reviews the unique needs of EV customers and how best to convey information on topics spanning public incentives, charging, and optional equipment, so that sales staff can confidently and efficiently sell EVs.


  • PlugStar Preferred Dealership status: If at least two sales staff at a dealer are trained, they will receive six months of promotion on and partner car shopping sites to provide the dealer with EV customers
  • Information and tools for dealer sales teams to confidently sell EVs and support the needs of EV customers.
  • One-on-one, personalized assistance with questions about vehicles, charging, incentives and more by phone or email from Plug In America’s EV experts through our EV Support Program.

To access the complimentary PlugStar EV Specialist Basic Course, CLICK HERE to register for an individual seat or CLICK HERE to register for multiple seats and enter code PLUGSTAR at checkout. For more information about the PlugStar Program or training, please visit the PlugStar EV Training page or email

3 comments on “PlugStar dealer e-learning course available for free for limited time”
  1. Aaron Reaven says:

    I am a semi-retired public school science teacher. What if I would like to take the Plugstar Dealer e-learning course as an individual? Once I am more knowledgeable and better trained, I might in fact like to apply or offer myself to a local dealership to work part-time. My main interest would be to advance the sale of EV’s. Can I get access to the Plugstar training, either free or for a fee?

  2. Violeta Fowker says:

    I need a car and i’m learning about EV, I visited an EV dealer in Daly City in whose parking lot all the store cars are parked outdoors. Then, I’m learning about EV’s batteries. and that their performance could be affected by sunlight, heat, and the lack of a roof for a certain amount of time. Especially , it will be against the car’s batteries to keep it getting a long time of heat,from sunlight and other natural resources. Please what could you tell me so I may still look at possible getting an EV. Thank You

  3. Bob Heward says:

    who can I contact for a Canadian support person I have talked to my dealer and he would like more information.

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