PlugStar is Plug In America’s integrated toolset for educating consumers about EVs and for recruiting, training and supporting the dealers that serve them.

PlugStar is a fully featured dealer training and support program that empowers sales staff to confidently sell electric vehicles (EVs). Our turn-key program includes dealer recruitment, in-person and online training sessions, and print and web-based resources for dealerships. EV customers can shop and connect with PlugStar Certified dealers through and partner sites where PlugStar dealers are listed. The program has delivered instruction to over 1,000 dealer sales and manufacturer sales support staff from more than a dozen automakers coast to coast. 

Our online EV Specialist Basic Course includes:

  • Fundamentals of EVs as a product category
  • Getting familiar with EV charging
  • EV incentives
  • PlugStar EV Sales Tool tutorial and setup

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PlugStar EV Specialist Certification Program

In select markets, Plug In America offers certification in EV Sales for members of your sales team through our PlugStar EV Specialist Course. The course includes content covered in the Basic Course plus regionally tailored instruction on the following topics:

  • Fundamentals of EVs as a product category
  • EV charging (including local availability and cost to charge at home and on the go)
  • Federal, state and local EV incentives
  • Utility rates and programs
  • PlugStar EV Sales Tool tutorial and setup
  • EV sales best practice overview

PlugStar certification is delivered in-market, in-dealer and online in select markets. Dealers with two or more PlugStar Certified EV Specialists may qualify to be listed as PlugStar Certified dealers on and partner sites. Click on the button below to see if PlugStar Certification is available in your market.

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