There are lots of things to consider when buying a car—especially an electric car. That’s why Plug In America introduced PlugStar to make shopping for an electric vehicle (EV) simple, with electric vehicle dealer training, plus tools and helpline support for consumers, dealers, electric utilities, and many others.

PlugStar EV dealer training

For Consumers

For Dealers and Manufacturers

For Utilities and Stakeholders

Our Experience and Impact

For Consumers

Our integrated website contains a wealth of resources for EV shoppers:

    • See which EV models and home chargers are the best match for you
    • Get equipped for charging at home
    • Find qualified electricians for home upgrades and charger installation
    • Discover incentives that make buying an EV more affordable than ever
    • Connect with PlugStar Trained and Certified EV dealers
    • Find charging for on the go and how much you can expect to pay
EV Support Program

Our team of EV experts at Plug In America is available by phone or email to answer your EV-related questions.

EV Support Program

For Dealers and Manufacturers

We offer in-person and web-based electric vehicle dealer training, plus tools for dealers to confidently sell EVs and to support the specific needs of EV customers.

PlugStar EV Sales Training includes:

  • Fundamentals of EVs as a product category
  • EV charging basics
  • Nationwide and local EV incentives
  • Utility rates and EV programs
  • PlugStar tool tutorial and setup
  • EV sales best practices
Online training

Plug In America offers an in-store and web-based version of its introductory EV sales course. The web-based course, made possible through our partnership with James Madison University, consists of three 30-minute training modules with accompanying quizzes and serves as a prerequisite for regional certification as a PlugStar EV Specialist.

Training starts at $295 per seat with multi-seat options for as little as $995.

EV Specialist Basic Course (Individual Seat)

EV Specialist Basic Course (Multi-Seat)

You may also contact for more information.

Certification training

In select markets, Plug In America offers certification in EV sales for members of your sales team through our PlugStar EV Specialist Course. The course includes content covered in the Basic Course plus regionally tailored instruction on the topics outlined above.

Application for PlugStar Certification Training

Interested in PlugStar Certification training and want to learn more? Contact us at

“Our sales staff has a much better understanding of incentives and other regional resources for the Prius Prime, and sales are better than expected since the start of the PlugStar program.”

—Toyota Manager

“Our Leaf sales have doubled since the start of PlugStar training.”

—Nissan Sales Manager

“The PlugStar tool provides us with a one stop shop for everything we need to inform our customers on costs, charging, and incentives.”

—Honda Fleet Manager

For Utilities and Stakeholders

PlugStar can help your organization meet its consumer and dealer engagement needs or help your staff improve its understanding of EVs and the distinct needs of EV customers. To increase the number of EVs on the road in your area, our turn-key electric vehicle dealer training includes dealer recruitment, in-person training sessions, and print and web-based training, tools and resources for dealerships.

Benefits of the PlugStar program for utilities and stakeholders include:

  • A ready pool of trusted dealers willing to market utility programs
  • A brand-neutral EV shopping website featuring integrated utility information and connection to manufacturer and PlugStar Certified EV dealers
  • Easy-to-use printed and online resources for dealers
  • Options for EV website development, branding, co-branding, and customization
  • Listings of local EV outreach events
  • Dealer and customer insights with online analytics
  • Helpline support for dealers and their EV customers

To learn more, contact us at

“EV drivers and our own utility employees continued to tell me of their poor EV buying or leasing experiences. Even our CEO was steered toward a gas car. We partnered with Plug In America to launch the nation’s first EV dealership certification curriculum in which 12 dealerships from seven automakers were trained. Top-line accomplishments included: 

  • BMW sent all area sales staff through PlugStar training—and in 2017 received CA Governor Jerry Brown’s Dealership of the Year Award for Zero Emission Vehicles 
  • More than 90% of trainees reported it was easier to explain utility time-of-use rates
  • 6.5% more EV sales by participating dealerships compared to dealers that did not participate
  • 97% of trainees recommended the training to their colleagues
  • Dealership owners shared that training complemented their own factory training by tailoring it to local needs

We could not have been more pleased by these impressive results!”

—April Bolduc, EV Customer Engagement Manager for San Diego Gas & Electric

Our Experience and Impact

PlugStar trained sales staff sell 4x as many EVs as untrained sales staffThe program has trained over 1,000 dealer and manufacturer sales staff from more than a dozen automakers coast-to-coast with proven results, including large across the board increases in salesperson competence and confidence in all EV sales training topics. On average, trained sales staff sell four times more EVs than their untrained counterparts.

Customers rate PlugStar dealers an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars for dealer satisfaction, compared to just 3.5 out of 5 stars for other dealers. Customers are also twice as likely to give PlugStar dealers their highest satisfaction rating compared to other dealers.