Plug In America’s Top Five 2018 Electric Car Predictions


Plug In America’s Top Five 2018 Electric Car Predictions

The staff and board at Plug In America teamed up to make some bold predictions for the year ahead for the electric car. What do you think? Too bold? Not bold enough?
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California will announce phase out of gasoline vehicles.

California continues to set the policy pace for electric cars and charging infrastructure in the United States, and will make official its aggressive proposal to ban sale of internal combustion engine (ICE) cars by 2040.

NDEW will break 300 event mark.

(Inter)National Drive Electric Week will be bigger and better than ever, spreading global EV awareness and the joy of driving electric.

Plug-ins will be 2% of market.

With the help of the Tesla Model 3 and other new options, plug-in cars will comprise 2% of the total U.S. car market in 2018, up from a bit over 1% for 2017.

The American South and Northeast will see huge uptick in EV adoption.

Smart policies and growing demand will mean more EVs rolling in these regions.

Autonomous = EV

Autonomous cars will all have plugs by 2025, starting with GM and Tesla in 2018.

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