Plug In America speaks to the House Committee on Ways and Means


Plug In America speaks to the House Committee on Ways and Means

Last week, Joel Levin, Plug In America’s executive director, participated in a roundtable discussion on electric vehicles with several members of the House Committee on Ways and Means, the committee responsible for all changes to tax laws. This was an exciting first for Plug In America and shows how our efforts have raised awareness of EVs and the EV driver community on Capitol Hill over the past several years.

The committee is currently reviewing H.R. 848, the Green Act, which includes an extension of both the federal EV purchase tax credit and the tax credit for installing charging infrastructure, plus a used vehicle tax credit, along with many other initiatives to support clean energy.  You can see the whole bill here.

In his comments, Joel strongly supported the credits and also particularly focused on ways that the bill can provide consumer protections, such as by ensuring that consumers can access public charging with credit cards or debit cards, rather than having to sign up for multiple private charging networks—which is often the case today.

Joel also encouraged the committee to look for ways to build more charging in moderate and lower-income neighborhoods to address the challenge of “charging deserts,” which can be a big deterrent to drivers in those neighborhoods who want to drive electric.

We expect that the full House and Senate will consider the Green Act in the coming several months, probably as part of President Biden’s signature “Build Back Better” infrastructure initiative. We’ll be watching for it and may need your help to get it through.

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