02.09.2021 - by Joel Levin
PIA’s Joel Levin responds to GM/Will Ferrell “No Way, Norway” ad

During Sunday’s Super Bowl, General Motors ran an advertisement for their slate of electric vehicles with actor Will Ferrell, in which he comedically challenges Norway as the global leader in electric vehicles.

Below, Plug In America Executive Director Joel Levin responds in his own video.

Our friends at the Norwegian EV Association also responded to the GM ad below.

2 comments on “PIA’s Joel Levin responds to GM/Will Ferrell “No Way, Norway” ad”
  1. Jim Knight says:

    It is going to take a lot more than cute commercials to convert U.S. car buyers to choose an EV as their next mode of transportation. We can start with real choices at the dealerships, a sales team that understand those choices and dealer managers that give that sales team incentives to sell the EV or their ICE cars.

  2. Jim says:

    Yes because of Tesla and their growing production and unending sales the lost market share is waking up a few automakers. We still have a lot if talk and COMPLIANCE CARS but we/ Tesla is making progress.

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