Introducing EVs to Americans at ride-and-drive events


Introducing EVs to Americans at ride-and-drive events

In addition to our major national events, National Drive Electric Week and Drive Electric Earth Day, the Plug In America team also promotes and educates the public about electric vehicles (EVs) through ride-and-drive events all year long. So far, in 2019, we have produced 22 events with more than 1,000 EV test drives or rides, and many more events are coming this year.

These events, which are often held at community festivals or for employees at large organizations, help motivate individuals to ditch their gas cars and switch to an EV, especially in communities where many individuals have not been exposed to EVs. There’s a common misconception that EVs are expensive and only for the wealthy, but there are many affordable new and used EVs available. By providing basic EV information and vehicles for consumers to drive or ride in, we introduce consumers to the variety of EVs available today and showcase the fuel savings and performance benefits of driving electric.

At each event, multiple dealerships are invited to showcase their EVs and provide test drives or rides. Dealer representatives are able to connect with potential customers and demonstrate the unique driving experience of each vehicle. Driver testimonials show that individual perspectives of EVs change after participating in the ride and drive, making them more likely to consider an EV as their next car purchase.

“I’ve never really thought about driving an EV before, but I really enjoyed the experience and it planted a seed in my head,” said Liz Aguilar, who test drove EVs at one of Plug In America’s ride-and-drive events.

After attendees come back from their test drives, the EV conversation continues with Plug In America staff members that provide useful information, including local purchase incentives, the basics of charging, and a list of current EV makes and models on the market.

“It’s really rewarding to see the number of people fascinated by the vehicles,” said Kylie Morgan, program coordinator at Plug In America. “Many people discover how the vehicles would work for their lifestyle and some are even shocked that they operate on just electricity, no gas! Potential buyers are also interested in the availability of purchase and ownership incentives.”

Our largest education effort of all begins every year in September during National Drive Electric Week, which is the world’s largest celebration of plug-in electric vehicles. EV drivers in all 50 states and internationally educate the public in an amazing effort to show people the fuel-saving and performance benefits of driving electric! If you are interested in hosting your own EV event, large or small, visit for helpful resources and to register your event and receive your free online event page. We hope you’ll join us for National Drive Electric Week, September 14-22, 2019!


View this video to see an example of a Plug In America ride-and-drive event.

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