EVs on display in car museums across the U.S.


EVs on display in car museums across the U.S.

Many automotive museums feature classic electric vehicles, from early 1900s models up to the EV1 and beyond. Below are some locations where you can view impressive EVs! We recommend calling each museum before your visit to ensure the vehicles you want to see are on display.

If you know a location with EVs that is not on this list, add it below in the comments.

Petersen Automotive Museum
Los Angeles, CA
Includes several EVs in its collection, including a 1914 Galt Gas-Electric Hybrid and a 1996 General Motors EV1.

Route 66 EV Museum
Kingman, AZ
The only museum in the world solely dedicated to electric vehicles.

Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum
Fairbanks, AK
This museum includes three electric vehicles in its collection.

The Studebaker Museum
South Bend, IN
This museum features a 1904 Studebaker Victoria-Phaeton.

Larz Anderson Auto Museum
Brookline, MA
This museum features two electric vehicles, including the 1905 Electromobile, an English electric car.

Gilmore Car Museum
Hickory Corners, MI
The museum features a 1999 Ford Ranger EV, a 1999 EV Global Electric Bike, a 1915 Rauch & Lang Electric and a 1903 Columbia.

National Automobile Museum
Reno, NV
This museum features a 1912 Baker Electric V, Special Extension Coupe once owned by Andy Griffith, as well as a 1973 Battery Box Experimental Electric Streamliner.

LeMay Collections at Marymount
Tacoma, WA
The collection includes a 1912 Standard Electric Open Tourer and a 1978 Battronic Electric.


Photo: 1994 US Electricar GTP Coupe on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

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