Plug In America brings the EV to Capitol Hill
07.05.2018 - by Katherine Stainken
Plug In America brings the EV to Capitol Hill

On June 28, Plug In America brought the latest makes and models of EVs to Capitol Hill for the second annual U.S. Senate EV Ride and Drive. Hosted in partnership with the Senate Auto Caucus, the event was attended by Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV), Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL), Rep. David Schweikert (R-AZ 6) and dozens more Congressional staff members.

The educational event gave senators and their staff the opportunity to test drive some of the latest EVs, while learning about recent market developments and supportive EV policies. The vehicles on static display drew a lot of attention, especially the Tesla Model 3.

“The EV market grew 27% last year and is expected to grow even faster this year,” said Joel Levin, Executive Director for Plug In America. “The latest report from Bloomberg suggests that by 2040, EVs will make up 55% of all new car sales. Some of the senators have never even seen an electric car, or driven in one. This is their chance.”

Many thanks to our sponsors National Grid, one of the nation’s largest utilities, and automakers BMW, GM, Kia and Tesla! And special thanks to Mel Hsieh for sharing his Tesla Model 3 at the static display!

7 comments on “Plug In America brings the EV to Capitol Hill”
  1. Kevin Gilot says:

    I upgraded from a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid to a 2018 Honda Clarity plug-in in May 2018. So far over 4500 miles and no worries. It was tough to get the Spouse past the Range Anxiety issue and that’s why we went with the Clarity. Over 50 miles on a charger and about 47 mpg in Hybrid mode on a trip. Plus we both have access to an EV charger at our places of employment. Thanks Honda for finally making a Plug-in!

  2. JeffnReno says:

    I finally got Model 3 on June 11 and couldn’t be happier. Had a Prius and passed down our Leaf to our grandson. Finally an BEV without range anxiety or oil changes etcm that a hybrid still requires. Love everything about this car! 🤗

  3. Bill Bugbee says:

    Where are the Senate Democrats at this event? From this article are we to believe that no senators (D) bothered to show up, or were none invited.

    As a matter history, it should be noted that without Democratic Party support for EV’s they would still largely be a science experiment, along with solar left to satellite and other expensive space applications.

    The federal tax incentives EV buyers enjoy today, and ITC tax credits that help launch Tesla, and before them, GM’s development of the Chevy Volt, would have never ever seen the light of day had the GOP been in full control of Congress and the White House, as it does today.

    Yes, the GasOilPollution (GOP) party is just that… Even though market forces now rule the day and favor EV’s, a friendly and enabling regulatory environment remains essential in the global transition to a clean energy economy and the advancement of EV’s into the transportation norm, rather than the exception..

  4. Ira Eisenstein says:

    I drive a Prius Prime, which is a plug-in hybrid. It will go 32 miles on electric and then defaults back to the “regular Prius” hybrid mode. Congratulations to Toyota on this car, because it gives phenomenal “gas” mileage even in hybrid mode… Nothing less than 60 mpg, even with the A/C running, and 72 to 87 mpg highway without A/C. I’ve gotten an average (gas and electric) of 112 mpg from Trenton, NJ to Cape May. Very comfy, lots of high end options, and big enough to fit my ladder in the back with lots of room left over.

  5. FRANK LAZA says:

    No – say it ain’t so Cathy. An elected Congress person giving “lip service” and talking about of both sides his mouth? Politicians don’t do that…….do they?

  6. Cathy Valle says:

    Senator David Schweikert from Arizona has absolutely not been actively supportive of renewable resources and electric vehicles in our state. Lots of “lip service” about the importance of renewable resources and electric vehicles but no action. I’ll bet he enjoyed the demo and free ride but will he commit to actually doing something???

  7. Tom Hood says:

    I could not be happier with my Chevy Volt. I have owned it since March of 2017. The tank has been filled twice since. It is a great ride. In a year over 9,000 miles have been put on the car. I use non-ethanol fuel to prevent and gummed up fuel problems from lack of use.. I recently talked with a BMW owner asking about my Volt and I enthusiastically described the many attributes of my well optioned Volt. When I was done, the BMW guy was impressed and suggested that I was a good salesmen for Chevy. Keep us rolling with EVs.

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