Advocate for EVs with the Model Policy Toolkit 2.0


Advocate for EVs with the Model Policy Toolkit 2.0

As the electric vehicle (EV) market moves from the early adopter phase to the mass market stage, smart and supportive policies can help to accelerate the widespread adoption of EVs at the local and state levels. The most effective policies driving adoption of these vehicles today include HOV lane access, vehicle fleet mandates, building codes, EVSE installation at multi-unit dwellings, sales tax exemptions, registration fees and vehicle purchase rebates.

In June 2018, Plug In America and the Sierra Club launched the 2.0 version of the AchiEVe: Transition to EVs Policy Toolkit. This version updates the best practice policies from the 1.0 version, and includes brand new sections on expanding access to charging stations, expanding equity and access, and promoting consumer education and protection. Templates for specific policies are also provided, where appropriate, to assist EV advocates in adopting and implementing the policy.

The AchiEVe: Transition to EVs Policy Toolkit provides examples of states and cities with these effective policies. In order to build an electric future today, a template for each of these seven policies is also linked within the document that can be downloaded and modified to fit the precise needs for a particular state or community. These templates are based on the current best practice for that particular policy.

As the EV market and EV policy evolves, this toolkit will be updated to continually reflect the best practices for EV policy.

This toolkit was a collaborative effort between Plug In America and the Sierra Club.

Photo Credit: Southern Company/Georgia Power

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