No regrets: A Phoenix mom moves beyond her gas-powered car and doesn’t look back


No regrets: A Phoenix mom moves beyond her gas-powered car and doesn’t look back

During daily pick-up and drop-offs at her daughter’s elementary school in Phoenix, Arizona, Jazmin L.’s six-year-old noticed something peculiar about her mom’s vehicle. She asked why their car didn’t have exhaust coming out of a pipe like everyone else’s did. The answer was simple for Jazmin, a researcher who works for the City of Phoenix. “It’s because our car is different because it doesn’t need gas,” Jazmin told her daughter. “The burn-off gas that comes out of cars isn’t good for you. Our car is cleaner and healthier for you.” Now, Jazmin’s daughter covers her face when she walks around gas cars so she doesn’t breathe in the exhaust.

Jazmin has driven her preowned, fully electric 2019 Nissan Leaf hatchback since 2021. Although she has owned both gas-powered cars and hybrids in the past, she grew tired of unpredictable fuel prices, routine oil changes and maintenance, and regular stops to fill her tank at the gas station. With even more costs to consider after her second child was born, Jazmin decided the time was right to invest in an all-electric vehicle. “There were too many surprises with a gas car. I figured, why not?”

girl plugging in evWith the move to a 100% electric car, Jazmin didn’t have to compromise on her needs as a mother of two. “It’s cozy, I love the seat warmers, and the AC is solid. I like that it’s red, just like my gas car was, and it has a great Bose audio system. I love listening to music, so that was the cherry on top.”

For those who are intimidated by the idea of a new and seemingly futuristic gadget, Jazmin has had an entirely different experience. “There are fancy EVs, but mine is very simple. It’s the simplest version of a car. It runs when you charge it and it doesn’t run when you don’t.” Despite its simplicity, Jazmin has been impressed by her EV’s speed. “You might not think of an EV as a powerful car, but I think people would be surprised by how smooth it is and how fast it goes.” With 309 free chargers installed throughout Phoenix at libraries, many public parks, and even at the Phoenix Zoo, Jazmin hasn’t had an issue finding a charge or incorporating plugging in her car into her family’s daily routine. In fact, her six-year-old has embraced the change. She’s started asking Jazmin if she can plug it in, even though it’s too heavy for her to pick up and plug in by herself right now.

Prior to installing an upgraded 240-volt outlet at her house this year, Jazmin was able to charge her Leaf using a standard electric outlet at her home. Although SRP, Arizona’s electric power and water utility, didn’t offer a rebate when she purchased the car, there is a $250 rebate available on many charger options on the SRP Marketplace. Overall, Jazmin only spends around $10-$15 more on her electric bill per month than she used to prior to owning an EV. “Electricity here is pretty reasonable, and SRP offers a time-of-use price plan where drivers can save money if they charge their EVs between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.”

Jazmin encourages fellow Arizonans to consider switching to an EV. “With all the options coming up, there’s a lot of versatility, and batteries are only getting better. People should really consider it. I have no regrets.”

Written by Amanda Goebel.

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