Elevating the EV Consumer Experience: Beas Auto Sales and PlugStar Certification 


Elevating the EV Consumer Experience: Beas Auto Sales and PlugStar Certification 

Plug In America is thrilled to highlight one of our newest certified PlugStar dealer – Beas Auto Sales. Located in Stockton, California, Beas Auto Sales is a leading automotive dealership dedicated to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) to promote cleaner transportation vehicles. 

Humberto Beas, the passionate and forward-thinking General Manager, has an unwavering commitment to consumer empowerment. He is not just selling cars; he is leading the way towards educating his EV customers to make informed and confident purchase decisions. Humberto’s vision extends beyond the showroom floor. He actively participates in Electric Vehicle events, shares valuable information online, and offers comprehensive test drives to showcase the practicality and efficiency of EVs.

We had a chance to speak with Humberto about his views on EVs, the passions that drive him, the goals he has for Beas Auto Sales, and how PlugStar certification is a benefit to his customers and his business:

Plug In America: What is the genesis of Beas Auto Sales? 

Humberto Beas: Beas Auto Sales started with my father over 30 years ago. We’ve always been about more than just selling cars; we’re a piece of Stockton’s heart.

What motivated you to explore opportunities in the electric vehicle (EV) sector?

Our future, especially here in Stockton, drives me. Knowing that EVs help the environment, I wanted our dealership to contribute to that positive change.

Do you have any personal interests or connections to the EV industry or sustainable practices in general? 

Absolutely! I care deeply about our planet, our community and believe in sustainable living. Electric vehicles are a big part of that belief.

How do your personal values align with the transition to electric vehicles? 

For me, it’s all about our future, especially here in Stockton where I grew up and where my kids are growing up. I want them, and all future generations, to live in a clean, sustainable world. Selling electric vehicles is a big part of this. They’re better for the environment, which means cleaner air for our community. By offering EVs, we’re doing more than just selling cars; we’re contributing to a healthier planet and making a real difference right here in Stockton.

How did you first learn about PlugStar’s EV training program? 

I saw PlugStar mentioned in a documentary, “Before the Flood.” It got me interested and I followed [Plug In America] online. Seeing our business grow and help our community, I knew PlugStar would be a great next step for us.

How do you plan to use the knowledge from the training to educate and engage customers about EVs? 

We’ll use what we learned to help customers see the benefits of EVs, both for their wallets and the world.

In what ways do you think EV training sets your dealership apart from others?

The training gives us the knowledge to better guide our customers in choosing the right EV for them. Our training means we’re not just selling cars – it shows we’re invested in helping our customers make informed, environmentally-friendly choices.

In what ways do you think Beas sets you apart from the other used EV car dealers? 

At Beas, we stand out because we always offer clear, fair prices and high-quality, eco-friendly cars. We focus on giving our customers all the information they need, helping them feel confident and in charge of their choice. This approach of honest pricing, superior vehicles, and putting our customers’ needs first is what makes us different from other used EV dealers.

What other strategies will you implement to increase awareness and interest in EVs among your clientele? 

We attend Electric Vehicle events, share info online, and offer test drives. It’s about showing how EVs can be a fun and smart choice.

Learn more about Beas Auto Sales by visiting their website at https://www.beasautosales.com/  If you’re in the area, stop by and say hello to Humberto and his team at  744 E. Miner Ave, Stockton, CA 95202

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