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My partner is in rapture with his new iTouch. The other day he suddenly discovered links to learn Korean, or pick up yoga poses, all for free. “Oh look,” he declared, “they have all the Nicholas Stern lectures.” “Wow, how about living off the grid.” His curiosity began to crescendo. “Day Trading!!!” “HERE’S A COURSE FROM HARVARD! He was a kid in a candy store perusing the education selection in the iTunes application. ‘How to’ in a hand-held device.

Then he came across some Carnegie Mellon podcasts and lo and behold, the loudest declaration of all — he found a lecture in which he, himself, had been featured, about business and sustainability for the Tepper business school. There I am! Stunned, he had stumbled upon his own voice.

I ended up being an over-the-shoulder observer of his wanderings in the vast podcast universe. Slowly but surely I directed him to where I suspected there might be a massive library of EV podcasts. With the same curiosity, I simply did a search for Plug In America. Before our very eyes, there they appeared, easy to find. No downloading needed. No wires needed. Podcast after podcast after podcast. Plug In America has a library of podcast interviews documenting key milestones in our development, as well as the general EV industry, all at the touch of a button.

KeithBrockApps Plug In America is graced with the talent of our self-described “pod broad” Kate Baker, who has an insatiable appetite for interviewing the change-makers in the EV world. Her talent is amplified by editor and tech volunteer Joseph Puentes who makes sure each interview is of high quality, posted in the right place and indexed so that it is easy to find.

Just this morning I was walking in my neighborhood and I spotted a CityCarShare guy washing the cluster of shared vehicles with his earbuds clearly visible. Maybe he is listening to music. On the other hand, I mused, maybe he’s learning about EVs from Plug In America.

If you have any podcast suggestions, please send us an email at info@pluginamerica.org

-Jeanne Trombly

thanks to Keith Brock for supplying photo via Creative Commons

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