Federal tax credit on EV charging equipment extended
01.30.2020 - by Noah Barnes
Federal tax credit on EV charging equipment extended

While Congress failed to extend the federal EV tax credit in December, there is one piece of good news out of Washington, D.C.

A federal tax credit of 30% of the cost of installing EV charging equipment, which had expired December 31, 2016, has been retroactively extended through December 31, 2020. If you installed charging equipment after January 1, 2017 or if you install equipment before the end of this year, you are eligible to claim this credit, up to $1,000.

To claim this credit, see IRS Form 8911. (Please note that, as of this posting, the IRS is still finalizing this form.) Please contact your tax adviser with any questions.

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14 comments on “Federal tax credit on EV charging equipment extended”
  1. Roy says:

    How do I claim on my personal tax return credit for a residential level 2 charger installation on IRS form 8911 ..? It appears to cater for buisnesses

  2. Monte says:

    Any info on what if anything may exist going forward in 2021 as far as any incentives for level 2 home chargers.

  3. HS says:

    Does it make any difference if the car is leased? Meaning: if I buy the EV charger and have it installed on the side of my home, can I get the tax credit if my EV car was leased (rather than bought)?

  4. RJ says:

    It looks like the EV charger equipment rebate is only tied to the installation address and not the device itself. So do you think if I buy a used charger on Craigslist, I can still get the tax rebate?

  5. kenneth hanula says:

    The tax credit is for the total cost of the installation. The charger (even if only a 240 volt outlet) plus installation costs.

  6. Robyn says:

    Why would prices increase the money is from the taxpayers and the manufacture does not know how many claim it.

  7. Lyle H. says:

    Anyone know the name/number of the bill that extends the tax credits?

  8. Amanda says:

    Does this tax credit for EV chargers apply to individuals or only to businesses?

  9. Joe Maki says:

    Edgar, the charging unit is often the inexpensive part of an installation.

  10. david berger says:

    i installed a 240 w line and plug for my tesla in 2017. can i still claim credit?

  11. Arob says:

    As Edgar suggests, tax incentives jack up prices. My contention is the EV tax credit ($7500 Fed) does the same. Look at how heavily discounted GM is offering with Bolts. Better than the EV Tax Credit, and no waiting.

  12. Peggy Deras says:

    What about the cost of installation? We paid thousands to upgrade our electrical panel and do alterations in the garage to permit us to then install the charging station, which cost $638 including tax in mid-2018.

  13. Peggy Deras says:


  14. Edgar says:

    Tax incentives don’t work they only jack up the price of the product the charger that I purchased was $300 now that the incentive is extended same charger is $500 the numbers don’t lie.

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