EVs highlighted in Super Bowl ads


EVs highlighted in Super Bowl ads

It’s not a surprise that climate change is becoming a top priority for many Americans and automakers are taking notice. This past weekend. Audi, Ford, General Motors, and Porsche all promoted their electric models during Super Bowl LIV, the biggest advertising platform in the U.S. These couldn’t have come at a better time, dispelling the myth that electric vehicles (EVs) are similar to golf carts. The ads proved the opposite: EVs are fast, sporty and technologically advanced. Overall, these ads are helping to further push the adoption of EVs and cleaner transportation. 

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Audi e-tron

Ford Mustang Mach-E

GMC Hummer EV


To compare, only three ads that are specific to EVs have aired during past Super Bowls:

2011: Chevy Volt 

2015: BMW i3

2019: Audi e-tron

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