Can electric vehicles tow? Will DC fast charging degrade my battery? EV Support Program celebrates successful first year
02.12.2020 - by Silvia Gonzalez
Can electric vehicles tow? Will DC fast charging degrade my battery? EV Support Program celebrates successful first year

Plug In America’s EV Support Program has been in service for a year! Since the launch of the program, we have helped hundreds of current and potential EV drivers by answering their EV questions by phone or email. 

More than half of all inquiries were regarding the various incentives that are available across the United States. We also received many questions about charging at home, charging on the go, and available vehicles.

This program has been a success, with 93% of people who contacted the EV Support Program reporting they were satisfied.

“Plug In America’s EV Support Program was extremely helpful in my efforts to identify credits available to me from my recent purchase of a Honda Clarity Plug-In Hybrid. Thanks to them, I identified and applied for credits from the state and local utilities, and am getting substantial rebates. This is an invaluable resource for electric vehicle owners!”

–Maurice R., Manhattan Beach, CA

If you have questions regarding EVs, incentives, charging, or anything else, please contact us!

EV Support Program questions

Here are a sample of some questions asked on the EV Support Program:

We have a pop-up camper that weighs approximately 850 lbs. We currently tow it with a 2012 VW Passat, but we want to reduce our carbon footprint. Is there an EV that could tow our camper?

The only fully electric vehicles that are recommended for towing are the Tesla Model X and Audi e-tron. There are larger plug-in hybrids that may fit your needs, such as the Mitsubishi Outlander, Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid, and Range Rover PHEV.

With more electric trucks and SUVs launching in the next one to two years, additional options for towing will soon be available.

Will DC fast charging degrade my battery faster?

DC fast charging is slightly more taxing on an EV battery than level 1 (120v) or level 2 (240v). While all batteries experience some degradation over time, using DC fast charging in moderation is unlikely to have noticeable negative effects on your battery.

Plug In America has been conducting battery surveys of Tesla and Nissan LEAF vehicles for nearly a decade. To view results and contribute your experience, visit the Battery Survey.

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