Miles on 1 hour of charging? Installing a charging station? EV support program answers your questions.
10.24.2019 - by Silvia Gonzalez
Miles on 1 hour of charging? Installing a charging station? EV support program answers your questions.

Earlier this year, Plug In America launched the EV Support Program, which provides assistance to those with questions about electric vehicles, charging, incentives, and more. Anyone may access this service one time for free, but supporters who donate at the bronze level or higher receive unlimited access.

We’ve received numerous calls and emails with important questions about EV ownership, including these questions below. 

How many electric miles can a 2019 Nissan LEAF store in one hour of Level 2 charging with a 40kwh battery?

Typically, most EVs on a Level 2 charging station get about 25 miles per charging hour as noted in our EV Charging 101 flyer.  On, you can find charging stations that are compatible with your vehicle, including a more accurate miles-per-charging-hour rate. In the example below, a charging station with 32 Amps/7.7 kW will provide 22 miles of driving per hour of charge, while a station with 24 Amps/5.8 kW will provide 19.2 miles.

How do I get a Level 2, 240v charging station installed?

On, you can compare charging stations and link to sites where you can purchase. We recommend contracting a licensed electrician to install your charging station. Provide your licensed electrician with the model number of your charger, as well as the plug type. This will let the electrician know what amperage panel needs to be installed to support the power requirements of your charger. Chargers deliver a high level of electricity for many continuous hours every day, so it is extremely important that it is installed correctly.

Many utilities and state/local governments offer incentives for installing charging stations, which can reduce the financial impact. Visit or contact your local electric utility for more information.

8 comments on “Miles on 1 hour of charging? Installing a charging station? EV support program answers your questions.”
  1. GLEN H. OLIVES says:

    Where can I purchase a Level 2, 240v charging station for my new 2022 i4 eDrive40 vehicle?

  2. Peter Allen says:

    Do you know anyone in N.. ca. that puts electric motors in gas cars.

    1. Noah Barnes says:

      Peter, in Northern California, Richard Van Wyhe does small conversions; his favorites are old VWs and Porsches, but his website also shows a Datsun 280Z. He has YouTube videos and even wrote a generalized book for the DIY community. You can find him at or

  3. MJB says:

    I live in a condo complex (4 buildings with 150+ units, outside of Boston, MA)) where I am advocating to have one or two charging stations installed for use by residents. I need to know what state and federal rebates are available.

  4. Clarence Chen says:

    I’m planning to buy VW ID.4 in the near future, I have questions you may give help.
    1, Level 2, 240V 50A outlet installation in garage:
    Can I hire worker to do ourself or it needs certified electrician to do the job?
    Does it need approval by NV Energy?
    Any referral you can provide?
    How much it costs? outlet is 15 ft from panel. home area code is 89135

    1. Noah Barnes says:

      We recommend contacting Plug In America’s EV Support Program for one-on-one assistance with questions like these. For more information, visit

  5. Fernando S. Marucut says:

    My son gave us his 2012 Nissan leaf for us to use in making our Doctors appointment and groceries run. The battery seems to be the end of it’s natural life, it can only charge about 40% just good enough for us to to our destination in the city and back. I called the local car dealer (Nissan motors if how much will it cost to replace the batteries. ?Their answer was Bet $5-6000. Is there any way cheaper to change the batteries ? We are retired we just rely on our social security Pensions.

  6. Walt Thode says:

    Can you publish a complete list of statistics for all available EVs? Things like curb weight, length, width, performance figures, etc.? I’m particularly interested in turning radius, because I have trouble maneuvering my Leaf into a one-car garage slot. My previous i3 made the turn with ease. Thanks!

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